BEST Day Of the Summer!

My main activities this summer since Season 8 of GST ended have been organizing, painting and repairing 159 Manning. I haven’t turned down any work I’ve been offered, but I’ve purposefully spent most of my time just trying to read books, relax, reset, decompress and chilllll the fuck out by myself. I’ve been living alone for the past 3 weeks, which is by far the longest stretch of quiet solitude I’ve EVER had to myself in my 33 and 2/3 years on this earth. It’s done a lot to quiet-down all the noise crashing around in my head.

That said, my favorite day of this summer was very very loud and noisy, spent at the Cayuga Speedway on Saturday June 23rd with Chris Wahl. I had a giant smile on my face for the entire day, and I put this song together to commemorate:

It’s composed entirely of motor-engine sounds I captured on video at the Speedway that day. Sonically, my inspiration was (one of my all-time favorite albums) Napalm Death – Scum.

It was my first time ever going to an event like this, and I’m not exaggerating to say the experience was “mind-blowing”. These are my photo-selects from the day:

Chris is a well-established professional photographer, so his credentials got us ALL-ACCESS wristbands.

We were allowed to go anywhere we wanted, standing a few feet from cars as they took off. Some of them (like the rocket car) reached speeds of 305 MPH in a quarter-mile run!

I’ve never had much interest in car-culture in the past, but having those engines shake the ground under my feet, and the air around me rumble every molecule in my body with each take-off; I have been Illuminated.

…BTW, I can’t forget to give a shout-out to Taraleigh Wallace for letting me drive her ’86 Trans-Am last summer, because that did initiate some insight into why some people love cars so much.

I had absolutely nothing to do with any of the smoke in these photos.

We were there for about 12 hours that day. When we were getting ready to leave, we heard them announce the Rocket Cars were going to race soon, which would be the final race of the day, so we decided to stay. TOTALLY WORTH WAITING FOR. Watch this:

I regret not getting a photo (and the names) of the announcers, or at the very least more audio of them doing their thang, because they were a highlight of the day. Total pros, enthusiastically explaining throughout the day what was coming up, what was going on, and why things were happening in the particular fashion they were. They were so funny; I could’ve sworn they were drunk on scotch or something (I mean that as a compliment).

One Response to “BEST Day Of the Summer!”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Great pictures Tim! I was just thinking about you, how are you doing?

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