Tweet Love

I received a trinity of tweet support this week hyping 3 different songs of mine: the videos I posted of me singing Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel No 2 and Jim Croce – Box No 10, and my TMWWT 7″ I put out in 1998. Not only that, it was from 3 different music aficionados whose opinions I hold in very high regard!

For a guy who usually gets less than 50 listens to anything I post on SoundCloud, it means a lot. Thanks for the encouragement. ❤

I went to see David Byrne and Cory Doctorow in conversation the other night. I thought $25 was a little steep to see them talk to each other for an hour…on the other hand I’m a fan of both men, they are fucking geniuses, and it's my life's wish, dream, fantasy and ultimate goal to have a brain that functions on par with their level of brilliance and creativity.

Besides, I’m spoiled on the live interview front after getting to watch every interview that George did last season (except for Sasha Baron Cohen which was taped in NYC). That’s the downside to always working with the best or always getting what you want: it’s easy to have unrealistic expectations and to be unnecessarily disappointed. La la la…

Finally I leave you with some positive advice from the New Romancer himself William Gibson, posted by George Takai today.

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  1. Kyle McInnes Says:

    Dude, put links and stuff…

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