All Time Favorites

I’ve been putting away the stage in the backyard this week. Gotta pack the canvas tarp away for the season.

I bought one of my all-time-favorite albums, the Wipers – Is This Real? on vinyl yesterday.

Then I went to see one of my all-time-favorite bands last night at Lee’s Palace. I got the ticket last minute for half price.

Then I came home and watched Kids In The Hall on Netflix. Bruce Mcculloch is my all-time-favorite comedic sketch actor. I’m pretty sure the closing shot at 2:34 is outside the Pizza Pizza in Parkdale.

As you can see, I’m much more dynamic and descriptive when I write about hating and denouncing things, compared to writing about loving and enjoying things. Unfortunately for you readers, I have no hate to give today.

One Response to “All Time Favorites”

  1. Roy Says:

    And there was no hate in Hateville

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