Ray McCready – More About Jesus : Now On Soundcloud!!

For the first time ever available online, my fathers 1974 album More About Jesus! It would only take a few small changes to turn this into an legit-looking black-metal album cover. I think it’s pretty cool that my dad had a record pressed back then. Not everyone can say that. The fact my dad had a record definitely made an impression on me when I was a kid. What can I say? I’m a man who is the result of many intense childhood impressions, just like my dad. I like the term “impression”, and what it means in connection to our personal experiences. Some things leave a lasting impression on us, other things just slide right by unnoticed.

Introduction of Artist:

At the age of twelve, Raymond accepted and dedicated his life Christ. On completion of High School he enrolled and graduated from Ontario Bible College, Toronto, with a Bachelor of Religious Education Degree. He then attended the University of Windsor to complete his Bachelor of Arts Degree. Upon graduation he entered full time Christian Ministry.

Raymond McCready brings to Gospel music such standards as the belief of a devout Christian, the dedication of a student and scholar.

This Album is the fulfilment of a dream a young man dedicated to the presentation of Jesus Christ in Gospel Music.

If this is your introduction to Raymond, may it bring joy and inspiration to your heart.

In Loving Dedication,
Alec McCready

My father had 500 of these pressed. I have 3 copies, I gave Derrick Beckles a copy about 6 years ago as an offering towards my philosophic empathy and aesthetic solidarity with TV Carnage, and Grasshopper bought a copy from me for $20 a few years ago. I have no idea where the other 495 copies are, but I am in possession of the .5″ master-tape.

I’ll post a link to download the whole album shortly.

7 Responses to “Ray McCready – More About Jesus : Now On Soundcloud!!”

  1. Ray McCready Says:

    Thanks Son. Do you think anybody in ‘Belgium’ still remembers me? Proud to be your dad.

    • Corinne Morton ( Park ) Says:

      I hope that you remember me and I remember you from when you were the youth pastor at Temple Baptist Church in Sarnia. My maiden name was Corinne Park but it is Morton now but will be Cole in a few months. I live in Tecumseh with my fiancee Robert Cole. Looking forward to meeting up with you sometime. Corinne

      • Raymond McCready Says:

        Hi Corrine, Thanks for your note. Yes I remember you and your family. Best wishes as you move on to this next new stage of your life. My wife and I are semi- retired. She does jewelry from silver plate silver ware and many other crafts that she sells at places like Art In the Park this coming weekend. Her trade name is Transformed Treasures. We attend Southwood Community Church in south Windsor and participate there when we are home. Worth checking put if you are not already connected somewhere else. Betty & Ray McCready.

  2. ianclary Says:

    I’ve got one!

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