Bonne Nuit Blanche

I began my evening last night with some Choir!Choir!Choir! friends. I’ve got a piano performance scheduled next Sunday, so I made them listen to me sing and play Chelsea Hotel No 2 and Bastards Of Young on Angela’s piano.

BTW, I re-recorded Chelsea Hotel No 2 this afternoon.

After I left the party I biked down to Metro Hall to meet up with the girls and a couple of their pals, to check out some Nuit Blanche exhibitions.

Apparently one of the girls’ friends I met last night, Jian, recently had a book he wrote published that’s topping the sales charts and he’s got a gig at Massey Hall on November 2nd! Something tells me that guy has what it takes to really “make it” in this city. Call me crazy, but I think he’s going places!

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