Real Talk + Metal Machine Music

Come see me sing R Kelly – Real Talk, Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel No 2, Jim Croce – Box No 10, the Replacements – Bastards of Young, and Lana Del Rey – Born To Die at SPECTREFEST on Sunday! Jay Share-It has curated an amazing line-up of bands for the day and it’s FREE ADMISSION!!! I’m proud to be performing on this bill!

BTW, if you’ve never seen the original masterpiece that inspired me, you should watch R Kelly’s video for Real Talk. R Kelly is the GG Allin of R&B.

I added this classic to my collection on Wednesday.

I special ordered Metal Machine Music on CD back in 1997 from the HMV inside Devonshire Mall in Windsor. It was $35.99+tax and it holds the distinction of being the only music I’ve ever returned. I can justify owning it on vinyl, since it actually captures the dynamic range that a CD can’t. Without getting too technical in the explanation of my reasoning, the medium of a CD can’t reproduce the sound of a dog whistle, but a high quality vinyl or tape recording can, and for a recording like this, I think those factors play an important role. Besides, a cd with no booklet didn’t really capture the attitude and grandeur behind a Gatefold Double-LP of noisy electronic feedback with no instruments; the notorious famed archetypical “fuck-you” record contract fulfiller.

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