Spectrefest 2012

I performed at Spectrefest 2012 on Sunday! It was really fun, thank you Jenna and Scott for playing with me. I wanna do more shows! I dedicated my performance of Real Talk to Anna Von Francis. Special thanks to everyone else (like the Roncey Boys) who came out to see meeee!

The day started with performances by Andy Sees the Reaper, me (Tim McCready and the Third Mind), and The Beverleys.

I also did sound for the day, and took all these photos!

After the The Beverleys finished their set, I walked my electric piano home, where I picked up my 5D and some gaff tape. By the time I got back to the show it was raining, BUT Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs were performing under umbrellas and all the amps and speakers had been covered with garbage bags. The enthusiasm of performing in the rain was spectacular, but we decided it’d be best we move everything inside for the next band rather than wait until someone got electrocuted.

As you can see, the impromptu setup in Alan’s livingroom ended up working out for the best. I’m a fan of indoor/outdoor shows with multiple stages.

Breeze, the Guilt Mimes, Fill Spectre, Mimico and Young Mother all performed indoors.

I like Fill Spectre as a 3 piece.

We had aimed to have everything wrapped by 11pm, and Young Mother was finished at 11:15pm.

All the bands played great! None of the bands were shitty or boring! Everyone who came had fun. There were lots of smiles all day and I didn’t see even one person cry the entire time! It was a long afternoon and evening so I’d call that a huge success! Whoo-hoo! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!

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