Devils’ Night 2011 Recap + DIScONNECT FFF#5

I’ve been gathering my photo and video lighting resources. These 3 are the best of what I currently have on hand. The 300-watt light on the left, was found on the street a couple of years ago, and I scavenged the boom stand it’s on yesterday, from discarded drum hardware in my basement.

Jack of Heart are playing at Parts & Labour tomorrow night (Wednesday October 9th), which gives me a good excuse to post this Halloween 2008 video from the last time I saw them play. I don’t know if I’ll ever top my costume from that year.

Speaking of Halloween, here’s some pictures and video stills I took at the Devils Night show Spookey Ruben and I put together at P&L last year, featuring DJ’s Jubal Brown and Ankixa Risk + performances by ME, Spookey, the Wizard of Rock, and LIONESS! These photos have NEVER BEEN SEEN BY THE PUBLIC UNTIL NOW!!!!

Speaking of LIONESS, they’ll be performing this Monday, October 15th @ the Hoxton for DIScONNECT Fashion Film Fest #5!

Cover is $5. What costs $5 anymore? A cold cut sandwich from Subway? A domestic beer, or maybe a 1-way fare on the TTC. Didn’t they used to charge $5 for all-ages shows back in the early 80’s? What about inflation?

This is from Friday night at P&L:

Minimum wage is $10.25/hour in Ontario.

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