Stage Lights: Upping the Game

I brought some of my stage lights to P&L this afternoon.

If you’re playing there and you want me to use the lights for your set? Talk to me about it, I’m into it! If you prefer playing in the dark, that’s fine too! I’ve provided low-watt white-light bulbs as well as a variety of colored bulbs.

I also brought my rug in to the Shop, which my dad brought from Windsor for the 159 Manning BBQ 2012! I used the rug again this past weekend at Spectrefest, but I think it’ll get best usage in the Shop. Since my father donated it, let it be referred to as, now and forever after, so-named and called the Raymond A. McCready Drum Rug! It suits him too, because he played drums in the Saltfleet High School Class of ’63 Marching Band. Hamilton/Winona represent!

After a year of looking at the ground pin missing from this plug in the 10 outlet powerbarstrip, I finally took it upon myself to replace the plug today.

Hip-hip Hoorayy! May the buzz be diminished!

One Response to “Stage Lights: Upping the Game”

  1. Raymond McCready Says:

    Hi Son, Thank you for the honour you have given to me. I’m proud to be you dad. I’ll be at Pearson airport Wed evening from 5:30 to 7:30. If you are available We could meet at Yorkdale Mall and have dinner together – kinda late birthday / early birthday meal. Love Dad.

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