Craig (guitar), Isis (bass) and I (drums) have started a progressive stoner rock band in the vein of Monster Magnet – Tab 25 and Sleep – Dopesmoker. I want to recreate this photo for our press shot. Craig will be the good looking guy on the left, I’ll be the weird guy in the middle and Isis will be the guy with the dreads.

None of our songs are going to be less than 3 hours long, so the only way you’ll be able to hear the songs in the way they’re truly meant to be heard is on a new format of vinyl I’m going to invent that will be 4 feet wide in diameter.

Metz had their Sub-Pop record release show part deux at Parts & Labour on Sunday night, with S.H.I.T., Young Mother and Burning Love.

Isis did an interview with Hayden after the show. I shot all the footage, she edited Monday afternoon. That girl works quickly!

I’ve got the first 2 of the 3 7″‘s Metz have released in the past few years. I would be willing to part with them for $100 each, but not a penny less. Buy either one and I’ll sweeten the deal and throw in a free The Man Who Was Thursday 7″.

Monday night was DIScONNECT annual Fashion Film Fest #5 at the Hoxton. I was the production manager for compiling the official reel and helped out on-site at the event.

This was my 3rd DIScONNECT and the films keep getting better every year! This year was strictly a showcase for the film directors and celebration of fashion films as a medium, rather than a competition like last years event. They had over 400 people in attendance which I think is particularly impressive/insane on a Monday night. KILLING IT!!! Fashion Magazine will be posting 8 of the 9 entries later this week. I recommend checking them out!

LIONESS peformed after the feature reel was shown. #nofilter

I like Vanessa’s Jeffrey Campbell boots.

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