I turned 34 years old on Friday! I’m very grateful to the Universe for my health. Health if everything, so in that sense I’m a rich man. If you were to ask me what I’m most proud of what I’ve done with these 34 years, it’s that I’ve been true to myself and continuously zealously pursued the things in life that I’m interested in, working with the intent of achieving mutually beneficial relationships and transactions, rather than aiming to take what I want at the expense of others. I’m still single and childless, with no long-term commitments to anyone or anything. I’m a free-agent in all areas of my life, and the future is still wide open! That, and I’m proud of telling all my old friends who I used to let treat me like shit to fuck off and to never look at me or speak to me again. NO FORGIVENESS FUCKERS! You’re delusional idiots who’ve convinced yourselves that it’s “cool” and clever to be a lazy selfish asshole (or any 1 of those 3)? Pathetic. You’re welcome to kill yourselves, but I won’t be at your funerals because you’re already dead to me. FUCK. YOU. FOREVER.

Want to know who IS nice to me? SLOAN! They’re always SO nice to me, I don’t even understand it. They put me on a Grayhound bus Friday morning to come out to Buffalo to spend my birthday with them. Aww thanks guys!

…but my name is Tim, not Jay. Whatever, close enough! I’ll take whatever love I can get. Before the show Gregory, Mike and their friend Cassandra did a photo-shoot with me in the hotel recreating a picture of Jimi Hendrix with Mike as Jimi. I’m not finished photoshopping the final pic, but here’s a shot from the prep:

The band played 2 sets. The first one was Twice Removed from start to finish, and the second set was greatest hits, including songs from last years album the Double Cross. Still writing the hits 21 years in, and best of all it’s always been on their own terms. FTW! Here’s some pics from the show!

BTW, see that backdrop with the drum painted on it? I sewed it, Andrew painted it. We all had a little party on the tour bus after the show.

Yep, that’s a banana taped to the ceiling. Chris Murphy does not like bananas! …but he does like steamed broccoli.

I slept on the tour bus and we got back into Toronto around 10am. What an amazing way to spend my birthday! Saturday was a write off. Choir!Choir!Choir! sang at Soupstock at 11am Sunday morning.

George was MCing so he finally got to see us perform! Every bit as positive and mind-blowing as I promised, non? George, I still think you should have C!C!C! take over the entire audience of a GS Tonight taping, and incorporate it into that days show.

2 Responses to “34”

  1. Mike Nelson Says:

    Happy Birthday Tim! Thank you for taking all of the great photos.

  2. Roy Says:

    I love awesome birthdays!

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