I wrote, recorded and performed a new song today called Anxiety! 30 seconds long, all chorus. To quote Dabu; LISTEN TO THE FUCKING SONG!!

Thanks for listening! Just for shit ‘n’ giggles, here’s some old scans from 1995-96. To see the larger versions, right/double click and select “view image”.

If i have the cash to spare, I may indulge myself in summer of 2015 and have $3 basement party pressed to vinyl for it’s 20th anniversary. I wonder what’s the fewest possible number of copies I can have pressed, because I’m 110% sure that less than 9 people would give a flying fuck about owning a copy even if I were to give them away for free. Trust me, that’s NOT false humility…but I’m okay with being my own #1 fan.

2 Responses to “Anxiety”

  1. Ian Hugh Clary Says:

    I would be in for one!

  2. Sweet 16: the Chase! « Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] why I can sometimes be such a weirdo fucking psycho today. The next summer in July 1995 my band Wonkavision played our first show at the Acapulco Delight and my dad drove us there. We played 36 all-ages […]

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