Happy Halloween 2012!

Happy Halloween! I got the new 159 Manning Coat of Arms mounted yesterday afternoon, just in time!

Check out this picture I took of Mike Nelson as Jimi Hendrix and Cassandra Lynn as Jimi’s hairdresser. The shoot was Mike’s concept, and he organized everything. Gregory Macdonald was the Stylist.

We did the shoot in Buffalo on my birthday. I think we got pretty close to the original!

Last night’s Choir!Choir!Choir!: Halloween Edition was a huge success! We sang Ozzy Osborne – Bark At The Moon.

The recording of Bark At the Moon isn’t uploaded yet, so you should listen to us singing Don’t Stop Believin’. Don’t stop believing in Halloween!!

Daveed dressed as Stevie Nicks is almost as sexy as Bugs Bunny dressed up like a woman.

I didn’t have a “costume” per se, but I figured my Balinese Theatre Mask for what it lacks in representing a specific personality, makes up for it in SCARRYYY.

Cheese Sandwich!

Binders Full Of Women!

Dead Buffy!

About a dozen female choir singers dressed in drag as Sexy Daveed or Sexy Nobu. Will the real Dabu Choirman please stand up?

After the costume contest, we had a fisting competition! Guess who won??

Here’s a Halloween song for you:

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