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FYI / FTW : Thousand-Yard Stare – Just Keepin’ It Calm And Blank

November 30, 2012

Dear Everyone,

If I look at you, and stare deeply into your eyes with this look on my face:

It doesn’t mean that I hate you or that I’m mad at you or that I’m judging you. It means I’m hungover or that I smoked a joint, or that I’m stressed out from working too much on too many different things, or stressing from thinking about $$$, or maybe I’m feeling a bit disconnected in general?…or it could be because I grew up in Windsor? What’s up with this thousand-yard stare that certain people from Windsor have? It’s certainly not everyone from Windsor, but it’s not just me, but I never notice it in anyone not from Windsor. I digress, it isn’t to say I DON’T hate you, depending on who it is that’s reading this right now, BUT you shouldn’t take that “look” from me as any type of indication. I like to think of it as my poker face! Just keepin’ it calm and blank yo. Know what I mean? Kkkkkk!kkk!KKkkk! Glad we’re clear on this. xoxoxoxoxo

Emperor-Wizard of 159 Manning.

PS – For me FTW means “I am driven by ideas and forces inside of me that seek to manifest themselves into reality. I am guided by my own knowledge and conscience, so that I may bear responsibility for my own actions; both the successes and the failures, so that I may learn from them both, and grow as a person in knowledge, experience and spirit. For those reasons, I don’t care what outsiders who don’t know me think of me”. If we DO know each other? Wellllllll, that’s a whole other story. This could be shortened to “My work speaks for itself”, but shortEST is still “FTW”.

Yeah, yeah…I’m seriously committed to being ridiculous, but I ain’t no joke.

Tim McCready plays Flipper – Way Of The World

November 26, 2012

I made a new video this morning playing Flipper – Way Of The World! It’s my first with a drum machine. If you don’t know the original listen to it here, because if you don’t like Flipper you will probably think it sounds like shit and that I’m singing like an idiot. BUT if you love Flipper, I hope you love my version of Way Of The World!

Mark Sultan liked it, so I think that’s a good sign.

Any chance I get, I love to post this video of Mark playing here at 159 Manning in April 2009. Mark Pesci and Jon Shouten convinced Sultan to play a show that night here, while all the other roommates in the house had gone away for the weekend. Mark played early, Psychedelic Horseshit played late. We announced the show that day, no cover, I sold $3 tall cans of Old Milwalkee out of my bedroom. It looks cool when I’ve changed all the light-bulbs in the house to colored bulbs, doesn’t it? I’d guess there were 50 people here for that show? Maybe 100. Either way, it’s pretty obvious from the video that everyone there loved Mark and his music. That night was another one of my favorite “moments” in this house. Mark Sultan’s set that night was in this same room as I’ve been taping my piano videos, so there’s another reason to post it.

And ya know… I want to hype up NYE. In the nearly 8 years and exactly 38 room-mates (not joking) I’ve lived through in this house I’ve opened it up to “the public” to celebrate and watch musical performances in my living room and dining room/library LESS than a dozen times*. I don’t throw a lot of shows or parties here at the 159 Manning Temple of the unHoly Crimson Ghost, but I when I do, they’re FUCKING AWESOME. I’d hate for anyone to think that I like to brag; I just I want someone to say it, but I can’t afford a publicist, so if I don’t, no one will.

*not counting the 159 Manning Sacred Harp Choir practices which occurred 3 times a month from September to December 2010, which were sort of open-invite BUT those were singings/gatherings, not a party/performance.

List of Current Activities

November 26, 2012

Current Reading: the Friars Club Encyclopedia of Jokes

Current Listening: Quest For Fire – Lights From Paradise (hi Mike!)

Current Drink: Americano from Ella’s Uncle

Current Eating: Leftovers from last nights drunkenly made, home-made fries.

(This picture was taken last night, they don’t look this good anymore)

Bitches Love Donuts

November 24, 2012

I was up at Lee’s Palace on Wednesday around 5pm, waiting for Pinback to finish loading in so I could take some pictures of them for the Lab Magazine, so I went over to Sonic Boom to kill some time. I’m trying to avoid acquiring more “stuff” because I’ve got all the junk and trinkets in the world that I’ve ever wanted, and enough records and books to keep me occupied, entertained and inspired for the rest of my life let alone what I can access through the internet, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I saw a used copy of Donuts for $12 (double LP!), and considering that I consider it to be a flawless album, and it was so cheap…

As I’m walking to the front of the store to check out, I noticed a copy of John Coltrane – A Love Supreme for $18. I first bought this album on CD when I was in highschool but hadn’t listened to it for years, and I don’t own a lot of jazz records so I figured I need it back in my life again.

Then I thought “hmmm, I wonder if they have Miles Davis – Bitches Brew”. I’ve completely fucking snapped twice in my life. The 2nd time I’ve written about twice this week, the first time was around August 2005, within the first year I’d moved to Toronto and I was sick with tonsillitis and on antibiotics for the 13th time that year. I was broke and living like a pauper, and my line of credit and credit card were both almost maxed out. The thing with tonsillitis is that isn’t not just a sore throat. Every muscle and joint in my body ached and throbbed with pain constantly. I couldn’t think straight, and I would lie in bed sleeping 16 hours a day, waking up with my bed and myself both soaked, so I’d constantly have to have new towels underneath me to absorb all the sweat. I couldn’t eat, and when I did I couldn’t keep any food down, I’d puke it ALLLL back up, so between the loss of fluids and not eating I’d lose 10 pounds in a week every time the tonsillitis would hit me. The upside was that once the antibiotics had done their job and I got better I’d look fucking great! 10 pounds slimmer, woo-hooo!!! Anyways, after getting sick for the 13th or 14th time in a year, being broke from having virtually no income, not being able to think straight, and not knowing how to fix any part of my situation, my brain snapped in half and I couldn’t stop crying for a week. All I could do to try and comfort myself was smoke weed and listen to Bitches Brew and Warn Defevre – When Flowers Covered The Earth until I could pull myself back together. I know the weed probably didn’t help the tonsil situation, but it’s better to obliterate myself with weed than with pain-killers, right? I’ve never been a pain-killer guy, and never want to be. I wanna go up, not down. At any rate, I fucking love this album, I will love it forever. When I listen to it I feel like my brain can just float away off into the universe.

As for the tonsillitis, after I got better a couple weeks later I got an appointment with a tonsil specialist for late November, but I went in right away (early September) and begged and pleaded with the receptionist and told her I needed to see the specialist right away because my life was being ruined and I didn’t know what to do and please please please please please let me see the doctor! SAD FACE. She could tell I wasn’t fucking around. “Can you wait 5 minutes?” she asked. I saw the doctor, and he booked a tonsillectomy for October 19th 2005, my 27th birthday. BEST. BIRTHDAY. GIFT. EVER.

Ian Blurton, I’m Sorry

November 22, 2012

As per my post from Saturday, I’ve said what I have to say about me being or acting like a crazy person, and I’d like to put that behind me and move forward with my life on a positive path. I wrote that “I apologize for nothing”, and that’s true, BUT I’d like to add a single solitary exception to that statement, and I think it’s important that I write about it here on my blog, rather than a private email because it has to do with a giant hate rant I wrote here on my blog awhile back. I’m done with trying to publicly shame people on my blog, because it reflects badly on me, and while I don’t mind the idea of people being afraid of purposely fucking me over with bad intentions in their hearts, and I can’t let everyone walk all over me anymore, I don’t want people to be afraid of being my friend, or of working with, or being involved with me in whatever way or another. In my life, I’m trying to sort out how to encourage people to feel and know that I’m both reliable and trustworthy (because I am), BUT that intentionally fucking me over isn’t worth the hassle (because it’s not)…

Ian Blurton, I’M SORRY that I wrote a giant hate rant about you. I don’t believe any of that stuff I wrote about you, which were the ranting and ravings of a madman who’d completely lost his shit. I may be a crazy motherfucker, maybe I’ve had some traumas in my life (we all do, c’est la vie), and yes I’m aware that I could be considered eccentric, hyperactive, and at times can be uncommonly intense (though I do not believe I’m actually chemically imbalanced), BUT I do my best, and in THAT SPECIFIC ERA OF MY LIFE I had completely lost my mind due to some legitimate problems beyond my control that were occurring in my living situation. In addition to those problems, a certain person who doesn’t need to be named, with the initials K.B. (is it Kevin Bacon? Kobe Bryant? Kate Bush? …the world will never know) was calling me and harassing me everyday telling me what I selfish drama-queen piece of shit I was, when I’d asked everyone in the world to leave me the fuck alone, and not only that but was PARTICIPATING and CONTRIBUTING to the main problem that was driving me insane, and then even going as far as taunting me “you can’t tell EVERYONE to fuck off” (I don’t need “friends” like that who are going to request and/or accept multiple favors from me, and then stomp on my face when I’m at my absolute lowest point) and you got caught in the crossfire of me trying to make the harassment stop. I don’t know, I don’t want to qualify an apology, because I don’t want it to be any less of an apology…but shit was fucked. This is embarrassing for me to write, but it needs to be said; I’m sorry. Really. You, your beard, and your guitar playing are mighty. Rock and Roll is very important to me, you bring the rock, and THAT nobody can deny. I’m sorry, and I don’t want you to think I’m a terrible person or that I harbor any bad feelings towards YOU, because I don’t. If you need to harbor bad feelings towards me and do think I’m a terrible person, that’s fair. I probably deserve that. …or maybe being the Rock ‘n’ Roll God you are, I’m so below your radar you don’t even know who I am or remember what I’m talking about; in which case, WHEW! I’m off the hook! YAHOOOOO!! Just kidding, I know I’m not off the hook… Either way, I’m sincerely sorry. I mean it. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please forgive me, and my actions against you. I write this for all the world to read; I’M SORRY.

Playing that 4-song Feral Cell show with you over 2 years ago is one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had in my life, so thanks for that. And I’m sorry, period.

…but you still can’t use the name Feral Cell without me, because that’s something that I brought to the table. As for anyone and everyone else who I may have offended, you may all continue to go fuck yourselves.

Black Flag Ballet

November 21, 2012

I’m expanding my horizons. I took an Improv Acting class at Second City on Monday November 12th, my first acting class in my life EVER. Out of 20 of us in the class, I noticed a girl there who was full of positive energy and I could tell by her movements that she’s a dancer. I thought “Damn, I want me some of that”. I’m not talking about the girl you perverts; I’m talking about the positive energy and the way she carried herself! I’m somewhat interested in having more grace on the dance-floor, and VERY VERY interested in having more grace walking down the street. Dancers look good, and I want to look THAT good.

The next day I got an email from the Extension Room about their Movember Fundraiser, trying to get guys to come out to a 2-hour ballet-workout class the following Sunday. I took it as a sign! The class was great and totally kicked my ass! They had little sandwiches in the shape of mustaches for us afterwards.

This is me and Jen, the owner of the studio. She’s a dancer in Opera Atelier and also runs her own company that provides dancers for special events. That means she’s busy as fuck, and knows what she’s doing when it comes to dance and fitness!

The rest of Sunday, part of Monday, and a few hours on Tuesday were spent building some sound-proof panels in my backyard for the Hottest-Babe-in-Rock-and-Roll’s new rehearsal space. First, I built the frames.

…then I cut some insulating foam to fit in the front…

…faced them with 1/4 plywood…

…then I stopped taking pictures, sanded the edges of the plywood, over-stuffed the panels with insulation, wrapped them with fabric which I stapled into place and brought them over to her studio to install. Ta-dahhh!

That’s in a window! I cut that shit EXACTLY to spec. Do you understand how close, down to the millimeter that fit is?! Not bragging, just saying.

Hmmm what else..? I had lunch with my friend Bethany visiting from Boston for a conference yesterday. You can tell how nice she is just by looking at her, right? We hadn’t seen each other face-to-face in about 5 years, so she regaled me with the details of popping out a baby 4 months ago, other traumatic stories from the past few years, and about being married to the man of her dreams which apparently is great. Tooth & Nail Records summer 2002 interns 4ever FTW!!!

Last night was Elvis night at Choir!Choir!Choir!

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.