Fewer Moving Parts

I went to see Dave Bazan aka Pedro the Lion at the Horseshoe on Sunday night. He and his band played Pedro the Lion’s 2002 album Control from front to back.

I love his new album Strange Negotations, but I LOVE EVERYTHING Bazan has ever done so I would’ve been happy no matter what he played, but Control-front-to-back? Sure, why not? Over the years we’ve had some common acquaintances, and I’ve seen him perform almost 20 times, but I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to him. I even interned at the Compound Recording Studio in Seattle from May to early July 2002; a few months after Control was recorded there, and Bazan graced us with his presence a few times to hang with his buddy, audio engineer Aaron Sprinkle. I wrote a blog post about the internship awhile ago. Here’s a picture I took of Bazan at the Compound. Yes, it’s a terrible photo but I just want to prove that I WAS THERE!!!

Check out some of the old untraditional-Christian/Seattle-rock-related ephemera I still have! Unfortunately I can’t seem to find my copy of Damian Jurado’s (a former bandmate of Bazan’s when they were in their teens) Postcards and Audio Letters, an album of answering machine tapes that Jurado collected from thrift stores over the years. It’s still kicking around somewhere in my cd collection.

Anywayss, I got up at 10am this morning, walked over to Ella’s Uncle for an Americano, came back home and recorded this video of me singing Bazan’s “Fewer Moving Parts”. I hope you like it.

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