Into My Arms

My 90’s 7″ collection is surprisingly relevant this week.

Choir!Choir!Choir! sang “All Apologies” and “Come As You Are” at last nights practice, and the Superfriendz are playing at Lee’s Palace this Friday!!

Kurt had amazing taste in music. Flipper, Black Flag, the Wipers, PJ Harvey, Fear, Swans, Sonic Youth..? Gahhh LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

As a 34 year old man, it boggles my mind that he killed himself when he was only 27. Kurt, it gets better! I’d rather achieve alive-and-barely-known-old-man over being a famous-and-dead-youth. But then, I suppose fame isn’t the be-all end-all of the situation (and I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at some positive public recognition). He was unhappy and miserable before he was famous, and continued to be miserable after he was famous. Sad face. HEY KIDS: DON’T DO THE BAD DRUGS. It’s not actually glamorous to be dead, it’s MARKETING because dead artists can’t say “no” and they don’t take a cut of the profits made from their image being sold. A healthy diet, regular exercise + eating mushrooms once or twice per summer and responsible/occasional smoking of the weed will put you on a much better path.

Speaking of people who do or did the bad drugs, here’s my song of the day, “Into My Arms” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

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