A Brief History of Tim: New Years Eve @ 159 Manning

Fuck it. I’ve decided to throw another NYE party at 159 Manning this year. My only plans so far is that Rad Habits are going to play, and I’m going to change all the light-bulbs in the house. $10 @ the door, BYOB. To make sure you’re up to speed on why NYE is important to me, I’ve prepared a little history presentation. Who knows how many more of these parties I’ll throw, so I might as well tell the story while it’s still relevant.

Let’s go wayyy back, pre-159 Manning, to NYE 2004, which I spent working (theatre production/stage crew) on the Island Princess in the Caribbean. The beginning and end of the story is that I started working on cruise ships in mid-Dec 2003, so that’s where I spent my New Years.

In Dec 2004 I was back at my parents house in Windsor (which was up on stilts and didn’t have a basement or furnace) on vacation in-between cruise ship contracts, and was introduced to a guy named Dragan Sasic. We became fast friends and spent many nights that month drinking at the Loop in Windsor and the Magic Stick in Detroit. We were both big fans of VICE Magazine, and he told me about a job posting he’d seen on viceland.com and encouraged me to apply. I sent some long winded emails about cruise ships, my experience in the “Christian” rock/hardcore scene (Tooth & Nail, HM Magazine etc..), photography projects I’d done, and my various obsessions to VICE General Manager SM, and he told me to come up to Toronto for a job interview. Erik Lavoie and some other asshole interviewed me in mid-Dec, I ran into Erik at the Chelsea room that night, all his friends abandoned him by the time we’d finished drinking so he crashed on a couch at 159 Manning, where my buddy from high-school Nick Bechard had recently started living. No more cruise ships; I got the job!

I spent NYE 2005 with Dragan at a really fun loft party in downtown Detroit, and then moved to Toronto a week later. I believe it was Tiffany Bosman’s loft, a very nice girl who happens to share the same birthday as me. I was busting out devastating dance moves that whole night.

I spent NYE 2006 with Bechard at a party where I felt out-of-place and didn’t enjoy myself at a large venue here in Toronto, which is what brings us to why I started throwing NYE parties in the first place: NYE is generally shitty, boring and expensive. There’s so much pressure for it to be an amazing event it rarely lives up to being. I figured my friends and I could throw a party at home that’d be cheap, fun, welcoming and just overall better than anything we’d find at a bar or club. There were 30 or 40 of us here for NYE 2007. Brayden and Dustin made hand-made spring-rolls, a group of us pitched in $15 each so we could get a keg, the party itself was a group effort, and it was great time.

We upped the stakes for NYE 2008, and got 2 KEGS!! OMG, sooo crazy. I think we had 70 or 80 people there that year.

My New Years resolution at the end of this video is still pretty much the same…

Of course we had to step it up for NYE 2009, so not only did we get kegs, but had the 3 BANDS PLAY who were associated with the house at the time; the Bang Bangs, Teenanger and Songs From A Room all performed! It was a crazy, amazing night.

NYE 2010 was the first year I completely took over the reigns for the NYE party, doing all the booking, logistical planning, promotion, financial backing etc.. There were robot sculptures by Christian Aldo around the house, DJ’s Mark Pesci and Gabe Knox, and there were performances by the Job and Quest For Fire.

Do you like the Richard Scarry themed poster I drew?

I think the party was my first show playing bass in the Job?

NYE 2011 was the NYE party to end all parties. I rented a giant 20′ x 50′ tent for the backyard and booked the Harp Twins from Chicago! There were hundreds of people in front of the house from 11:30pm until the police finally came (THANKYOU TO THE POLICE, SERIOUSLY) and cleared the street at 5am. It was by the far the biggest and best party I’d ever thrown up to that point in time, and I’m proud of that.

The down-side of having thrown the most successful party/event of my life, was that a certain worthless piece of human-garbage who paid $400/month to rent the tiniest room in the house (which is now my office) and another 3/4-wit idiot who wasn’t paying rent and wasn’t supposed to be living here but insisted on moving in; they couldn’t/wouldn’t stop partying (and just who-do-I-think-I-am to tell them what to do, right?). Yes, I like throwing a big NYE party, but it’s NOT A PARTY HOUSE. FUCK YOU. DIE! I’LL SMASH YOUR FACE IN WITH A FUCKING HAMMER AND RIP YOUR EARS OFF YOUR SKULL WITH MY FUCKING BARE HANDS. The house didn’t get cleaned up, it stayed covered in mud and garbage and a few days less than 3 weeks later I had a complete nervous fucking breakdown. I thought I was losing my mind due to being too busy and having too many balls up in the air, so I shut down my life. After 2 weeks of crying in my bedroom trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I realized there were 20 to 30 people coming through the house EVERY DAY (throughout the day, not all-at-once) to buy drugs from botched-abortion-motherfucker and get high in my dining room/library. That’s almost as many people as we had at the first NYE party…but it had turned into EVERY DAY. There was a steady stream of people smoking and snorting drugs here morning noon and night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take an aggressive course of action because piece-of-shit-waste-of-living-cells-cocaine-addict is also a gun enthusiast and I was afraid of his friends who’d been to jail for assault and whatever other offenses. It took a couple of months, but eventually I got everyone out, but this involved telling just about everyone I had been close to to fuck off and never speak to me again. I don’t care what anyone says about me. Anyone and everyone who has a problem with me can eat shit and die. I apologize for nothing. I did what I had to do to sort myself out, so fuck ’em all! I even wrote a song about it.

Fast forward to Dec 2011, I was working full-time at the CBC on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show as his Audience Coordinator and backstage photographer. I was also doing sound at Parts & Labour a few nights a week, delivering VICE Magazine around Toronto once a month and cramming in whatever other gigs I could, so I felt too busy to focus on planning a party, and I still had not yet fully recovered emotionally or financially from the wreckage my life had become earlier in the year, so I thought it would be best to take the year off from throwing a party. I still wanted to do something really special for NYE, so I asked my new pal Mike Nelson, Sloan’s manager, if I could come with him and Sloan out to Halifax to ring in the new year with them. He said “yes”. Thankyou Mike.

Which brings us to the present. I’ve decided to throw another party at 159 Manning, because throwing a NYE party is one of the things I do best. All I ask if that if you come that night, you respect me, respect the house and my neighbors, respect the other people who attend, and respect yourself. BYOB but don’t bring cocaine. I’m not judging you or your drug habit, but I don’t want that here at 159 Manning. Please be nice to me, and don’t turn me into a maniac. Bring positive vibes so we can all bring in 2013 with love in our hearts, have some fun, and start the year off right!

4 Responses to “A Brief History of Tim: New Years Eve @ 159 Manning”

  1. Michelle N. Says:

    Don’t worry Tim, you have a positive circle of support this time around from what I can gather. We’ll help you as much as we can and maybe controlling who gets the invite might be a help too?

  2. CASIE STEWART (@casiestewart) Says:

    It is nice to hear the back story. Thanks for the invite. Will be there with positive vibes swirling all around 🙂

  3. Meeko Cheech Says:

    Fantastic read.

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