Black Flag Ballet

I’m expanding my horizons. I took an Improv Acting class at Second City on Monday November 12th, my first acting class in my life EVER. Out of 20 of us in the class, I noticed a girl there who was full of positive energy and I could tell by her movements that she’s a dancer. I thought “Damn, I want me some of that”. I’m not talking about the girl you perverts; I’m talking about the positive energy and the way she carried herself! I’m somewhat interested in having more grace on the dance-floor, and VERY VERY interested in having more grace walking down the street. Dancers look good, and I want to look THAT good.

The next day I got an email from the Extension Room about their Movember Fundraiser, trying to get guys to come out to a 2-hour ballet-workout class the following Sunday. I took it as a sign! The class was great and totally kicked my ass! They had little sandwiches in the shape of mustaches for us afterwards.

This is me and Jen, the owner of the studio. She’s a dancer in Opera Atelier and also runs her own company that provides dancers for special events. That means she’s busy as fuck, and knows what she’s doing when it comes to dance and fitness!

The rest of Sunday, part of Monday, and a few hours on Tuesday were spent building some sound-proof panels in my backyard for the Hottest-Babe-in-Rock-and-Roll’s new rehearsal space. First, I built the frames.

…then I cut some insulating foam to fit in the front…

…faced them with 1/4 plywood…

…then I stopped taking pictures, sanded the edges of the plywood, over-stuffed the panels with insulation, wrapped them with fabric which I stapled into place and brought them over to her studio to install. Ta-dahhh!

That’s in a window! I cut that shit EXACTLY to spec. Do you understand how close, down to the millimeter that fit is?! Not bragging, just saying.

Hmmm what else..? I had lunch with my friend Bethany visiting from Boston for a conference yesterday. You can tell how nice she is just by looking at her, right? We hadn’t seen each other face-to-face in about 5 years, so she regaled me with the details of popping out a baby 4 months ago, other traumatic stories from the past few years, and about being married to the man of her dreams which apparently is great. Tooth & Nail Records summer 2002 interns 4ever FTW!!!

Last night was Elvis night at Choir!Choir!Choir!

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.

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