Tim McCready plays Flipper – Way Of The World

I made a new video this morning playing Flipper – Way Of The World! It’s my first with a drum machine. If you don’t know the original listen to it here, because if you don’t like Flipper you will probably think it sounds like shit and that I’m singing like an idiot. BUT if you love Flipper, I hope you love my version of Way Of The World!

Mark Sultan liked it, so I think that’s a good sign.

Any chance I get, I love to post this video of Mark playing here at 159 Manning in April 2009. Mark Pesci and Jon Shouten convinced Sultan to play a show that night here, while all the other roommates in the house had gone away for the weekend. Mark played early, Psychedelic Horseshit played late. We announced the show that day, no cover, I sold $3 tall cans of Old Milwalkee out of my bedroom. It looks cool when I’ve changed all the light-bulbs in the house to colored bulbs, doesn’t it? I’d guess there were 50 people here for that show? Maybe 100. Either way, it’s pretty obvious from the video that everyone there loved Mark and his music. That night was another one of my favorite “moments” in this house. Mark Sultan’s set that night was in this same room as I’ve been taping my piano videos, so there’s another reason to post it.

And ya know… I want to hype up NYE. In the nearly 8 years and exactly 38 room-mates (not joking) I’ve lived through in this house I’ve opened it up to “the public” to celebrate and watch musical performances in my living room and dining room/library LESS than a dozen times*. I don’t throw a lot of shows or parties here at the 159 Manning Temple of the unHoly Crimson Ghost, but I when I do, they’re FUCKING AWESOME. I’d hate for anyone to think that I like to brag; I just I want someone to say it, but I can’t afford a publicist, so if I don’t, no one will.

*not counting the 159 Manning Sacred Harp Choir practices which occurred 3 times a month from September to December 2010, which were sort of open-invite BUT those were singings/gatherings, not a party/performance.

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