FYI / FTW : Thousand-Yard Stare – Just Keepin’ It Calm And Blank

Dear Everyone,

If I look at you, and stare deeply into your eyes with this look on my face:

It doesn’t mean that I hate you or that I’m mad at you or that I’m judging you. It means I’m hungover or that I smoked a joint, or that I’m stressed out from working too much on too many different things, or stressing from thinking about $$$, or maybe I’m feeling a bit disconnected in general?…or it could be because I grew up in Windsor? What’s up with this thousand-yard stare that certain people from Windsor have? It’s certainly not everyone from Windsor, but it’s not just me, but I never notice it in anyone not from Windsor. I digress, it isn’t to say I DON’T hate you, depending on who it is that’s reading this right now, BUT you shouldn’t take that “look” from me as any type of indication. I like to think of it as my poker face! Just keepin’ it calm and blank yo. Know what I mean? Kkkkkk!kkk!KKkkk! Glad we’re clear on this. xoxoxoxoxo

Emperor-Wizard of 159 Manning.

PS – For me FTW means “I am driven by ideas and forces inside of me that seek to manifest themselves into reality. I am guided by my own knowledge and conscience, so that I may bear responsibility for my own actions; both the successes and the failures, so that I may learn from them both, and grow as a person in knowledge, experience and spirit. For those reasons, I don’t care what outsiders who don’t know me think of me”. If we DO know each other? Wellllllll, that’s a whole other story. This could be shortened to “My work speaks for itself”, but shortEST is still “FTW”.

Yeah, yeah…I’m seriously committed to being ridiculous, but I ain’t no joke.

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