Connect The Dots LA-LA-LA : Weekend Journal

Rad Habits played at Parts & Labour on Friday night. They were the opening act for 3 other bands: Pink Wine, Steve Adamyk Band and Sonic Avenues. All the bands were great, and it was a really fun show but I only took pictures of Rad Habits because they’re playing my NYE party and I can’t take pictures of every band I see. I have a hard enough time going through, picking selects, and editing all the photos and videos I capture as it is. If I add anymore details to this blog it’s going to start reading like The Andy Warhol Diaries. Maybe it already does? Ok I’ll admit it, his diaries are one of my influences. That, and Get In The Van and Lust For Life are 3 biggies. Hmmmmaybe I should read about some happy people?

On the left is Rad Habits’ new tape. On the right is Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs’ new 7″.

At 2pm on Saturday I went over to P&L to set up the DJ booths upstairs and downstairs for that evening, then went for wings with Jon Schouten. Afterwards he helped me bring the PA from my basement, some mics and mic stands, lights, and my camera up to 70 Wiltshire Ave for a house party with performances by the BB Guns, Fill Spectre and Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs. I did sound, and iPod DJed between the bands. Check out these weird panoramas I shot on my phone of the BB Guns. Girls generally don’t like it when I post distorted photos of them (or often, ANY photos of them), but it’s all in the name of Rock and Roll so I hope they’re ok with it.

At least these ones shot on my 5D MarkII aren’t AS distorted, but it’s a wide-angle lens so there’s still a bit of warping. Side note: I should’ve brought a few extra colored light bulbs. D’OH!! 1-second ANGRY FACE!!

Fill Spectre played 2nd. Jay Share-it sings in the band and is the one who set-up and organized the show. He and I have done 3 parties together now (see Party 1 pics here, see Party 2 pics here) and I just tend to bring the equipment and help make the party-party-vibe happen on-site, but I think we’re slowly starting to get into a groove of working together. These things take time to develop.

Soft focus. BFF’s.

I could tell these 2 girls are BFF’s, and seemed pretty excited about the house party atmosphere by the way they were smiling. I support that! Not hating everything spreads GOOD vibes.

Last up was Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs! I hope you can catch their spirit from the pictures.

Bands were done by 11:15. Jesse Crowe took over as iPod DJ, and dance party ensued. I was home by 12:30 that night. ZZZZzzzzZZzzzzzzz.

Sunday afternoon Rich Terfry came over and we watched a hard-to-find treasure from his DVD collection, Lost Empire. Imagine what would happen if John Waters and Russ Meyer directed a live action G.I.Joe and Thundercats-inspired movie together on a $10k budget? “Okay, I’m imagining it”; THAT’s Lost Empire. “HOLY SHITTTT!! YEAHHYYYY!!”

After the movie Rich let me sing a few songs on piano for him, then I put on some records and we chatted about his new album he’s been working on. He’s got me curious to hear the rough mixes! After he went home, I rented a cargo van from Zipcar to go back to 70 Wiltshire to pick up my PA. THE END.

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