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Toronto’s Most Infamous Bloggers (+ Hot ‘n’ Bothered)

December 4, 2012

Hoorayy!! Raymi and Lauren are going to bartend the 159 Manning NYE Party! I use the term “bartend” loosely because it’s BYOB!! It’s illegal to advertise that one is selling alcohol at a party, so I need to be very careful that impression is not put across. NYE @ 159 Manning is a private 19+ grown-up event, and it’s BYOB!! Drink responsibly.

I accept this as a good omen. 1 thing the 3 of us have in common is that we’re all long-time internet-nerd blogger-personalities. IS it fair to say that one could call what we all do “lifestyle blogging”? Something like that. Considering the number of people who use the internet, there are relatively few of us who’ve splashed such a huge portion of our lives and feelings and opinions on the internet for everyone to see, continuously over such an extended period of time. The difference between the Lauren’s and I is that they are both girls and I am a boy; and that my blog averages 150 hits a day on a good month, while their blogs average THOUSANDS of hits a day and they have THOUSANDS of fans and followers on twitter! They get invited to things, and I don’t? I’m fairly certain they both make more money than I do.

Let me get this straight, you’re telling me that pictures of pretty girls combined with intelligent insightful commentary pertaining to current events holds wider popular appeal than pictures of local bands and photos of me looking angry or depressed with a running hate rant commentary? Interesting… Har-har, jokes aside (I’m greatly exaggerating the amount of time I spend angry or depressed for the purpose of comedic effect AND hate speech is illegal in Canada), I’m happy that I can use this blog and whatever other resources I have access to, to serve my own purposes; I reap my own kind of satisfaction from that. I think it’s a byproduct of whatever syndrome it is I have. On the other hand, I’m excited that they want to be involved with NYE because I hold Raymi “Lauren 1” and “Lauren 2” O’Nizzle both in high regard for being so good and prolific and successful and professional at what they do on the internet, and off-line; specifically in comparison to the things I do on the internet, and my relative (un)popularity. Bloggin’ ain’t as easy as it looks folks! I also believe us long-haul bloggers are a lot more influential than some people might think.

AND Casie Stewart told me that she’s coming!! On twitter she’s got the highest following-to-follower ratio-difference between all 4 of us!! Based on that factor alone I’d guess she also makes the most money between the 4 of us. I honestly have no idea, I’m just trying to be funny! …(but it’s probably true).

My rants have finally helped me infiltrate the top ranks of Toronto’s Most Infamous Bloggers! I mean, they volunteered to come to the party. I didn’t have to beg them, so that says I’m “in”, riiight? I just hope the dues aren’t too steep, and the hazing ritual isn’t too harsh. Wah-wahhhh. Ba-doom-crash! You do realize I’m just blab-blah-blabbing away to try and hit some little shred of info that will stick with, irritate or resonate with you, and repeat over and over again in your mind? A thought virus. “In Real Life” is one thing, but in this medium it doesn’t matter whether you like me or dislike me, it’s all about whether you remember me or forget me. My friends Synchronicity and Karma will work the rest out for better or for worse. I’d like to think if you remember me, or something I do or say or write, that if you care to eventually you’ll figure out what I’m about, and know that I truly am a nice, altruistic person. It just might take a few years for that to bubble to the surface. Whatevs. I’m patient, and I don’t think I have a choice in the matter one way or the other. I gots to do what I gots to do. No matter what other people say about me (good or bad), my work speaks for itself; and no matter what I say about other people (good or bad), their work will speak for itself. We should all have an allowed-bullshit-radius just to keep things civil and even things out a bit, but it can only spread so far and so thin. You can’t polish a turd, and you can’t keep a good (wo)man down. That’s the truth behind the phrase “No publicity is bad publicity”. In the meantime, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

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As you can tell, I’m delighted that those 3 ladies are “into” attending the party, AND after seeing them both this weekend, I’m getting more-and-more excited about the bands!! Watch this old Get Nuns video I shot at Sneaky Dee’s in August 2011, I COMMAND THEE!! Trust me, you get parts of 3 SONGS in just 3 minutes and 55 seconds!! A David Bowie cover followed by 2 really catchy original songs. I do believe it’s worth those 4 minutes of your life (5 seconds for buffering). Just watch the first 17 seconds and you won’t want to stop. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please. They’ve really got it happening in this video. Please watch the video.

Please, stop. Go back and watch the video. Thank you.

Rad Habits and Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs both have members of the now-defunct Get Nuns! …but SAD FACE all 3 of those bands are about as popular as I am. They’re also 10 years younger than I am. They’ll also probably each play 5 more shows around Toronto between now and NYE, so having them perform on NYE isn’t about exclusivity or draw. It’s not about record deals or whether they are or aren’t ever going to be anything “more” than they are right now. No, this is not about the future, because I don’t know what the future holds for any of us! I’m a channel and a medium, but I’m not a straight up psychic. For ME, the reasons I booked these specific bands and the people in those bands for this party are about them all being exactly what and who they are RIGHT NOW. Before life has a chance to fuck things up. They bring us the fabled Rock ‘n’ Roll, TODAY! I see a LOT of bands. I’ve been watching live music a few nights a week for years now and honestly, NOT a lot of people can deliver that, especially over a sustained amount of time. Get in on this while these guys are still young and bold and having fun! Or maybe young, dumb and full of cum? While they still enjoy each others company!!!

I predict: You’ll come to the NYE party, see them play, rock out with them, stagger backwards and say to yourself out-loud “Pffftt..WTF!?! These guys FUCKING SLAYY!!” and I’ll shrug, look deeply into your eyes with my drunken 1000-yard-stare and say “Yes, they do. You’re welcome. Thank YOU for coming to my party.” Don’t be offended. HAPPY FACE!!

I’m playing this show! A half hour of all Christmas and Holiday-themed songs. I need to pull a set together in the next day or so. I still need to put a band together!