Running from the Sun

Getting ready to leave soon for my 10:30am Allegro Ballet Bootcamp class.

I’ve been listening to this a bit lately: scooped from a FB link by Lillie Ze

And this classic:

Is there such a thing as a more bad-ass and filthy duo than Scarface and Too $hort? Dr Dre and Snoop are up there together. When I was a kid I was taught that women don’t like guys like that, but that’s not true. Women love bad-ass perverts. All the bad-ass perverts I’ve known over the years have at one point or several in time been absolutely swimming in pussy. Wait, not swimming. DROWNING. It’s not the ladies, it’s other men who dislike guys like that. The whole phenomena still strikes me as a bit surreal. But then, a lot of aspects of day-to-day life seem surreal to me. Maybe that’s why I’m digging that Chromatics mix so much?

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