Quick Post

My dad came up from Windsor for the weekend to help me refinish the kitchen floor. Gotta have it sealed to make party clean-up easier. It sounds like he wants to be here on NYE too.

Funny to think that my dad Rev. Ray McCready, the man who wouldn’t allow me to listen to rock music, go to the movies, go to school dances, wear jeans, use playing cards, say the Lords name in vain etc.. when I was a kid (which was quite traumatic and alienated me from my peers since I attended public school; rules which played no small part in making me who I am today) will be present for one of Toronto’s biggest NYE house parties this year. Things change.

I went to see a show at Izakaya Sushi on College last night. It’s makes for a pretty decent venue.

I picked up more “junk” at the show last night: 6 issues of Sassy for $6! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find back issues of Sassy!?

Bitches looovvvve Sassy. MY kind of bitches anyways…

Still listening to this album like crazy.

7 Responses to “Quick Post”

  1. Raymond McCready Says:

    Hi Son. Glad to spend time with you. The finished floor looks great. Thanks for shipping my kit. It arrived this morning. I have put $20.00 in your acct. Love Dad.

  2. Raymi Lauren (@raymitheminx) Says:

    Looks great.

  3. terrible torben Says:

    Would Preacher Daddy throw holy water on my Obamamaxisthomosexualagenda head and deliver me from hellfire and damnation?

  4. Raymond McCready Says:

    Hi Tim: I don’t know if you received this invitation from Aunt Donna – she sent it to your hotmail address. Note the address of the family dinner – this is their new home – not far from Grandma or where they used to live. I expect it will be on Google. Looking forward to seeing you on Sat.. Please indicate if you get this message, otherwise your Dad will try to call you. Love, Mom

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