Tim McCready sings Leonard Cohen’s “The Old Revolution”

Thursday day I delivered magazines. Thursday evening Choir!Choir!Choir! performed outside the Phoenix as part of the Andy Kim Christmas Show!!!!!

I wish I could’ve stayed for the show, but I had to head to Parts & Labour for the Annual VICE Christmas Party. I drank 12 beers and puked when I got home. Too much! I never do that anymore. Really. At least I puked, so I wasn’t too hungover Friday morning.

Friday afternoon Choir!Choir!Choir! performed on a taping for the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show’s Christmas Eve Special. We’re going to be on TV with Dolly Parton! C!C!C! on Strombo is almost the polar opposite of Fear on SNL, right? “It’s great to be here in New Jersey!”

I woke up late today and missed the Choir bus tour to Sunnybrooke Hospital… 😦 I’m an idiot! I decided to make the most of my early afternoon and did the dishes, put a bunch of tools away and found myself singing the Old Revolution by Leonard Cohen to myself so I printed out the lyrics and chords. I’ve never played this song on piano before today, but I’ve been softly singing it (and many other Leonard Cohen songs) to myself on-and-off for 15 years. I practiced for an hour, and then recorded this video, 1 take. I want to sing on stage at Massey Hall someday…and not just with C!C!C! (though that’s always fun and an honor too).

I’m performing at this tomorrow, an ALL CHRISTMAS SONGS set. I’m billed as “Tim McCready and Friends” but I didn’t recruit any friends and I haven’t practiced much yet. I’ve been singing Christmas songs with C!C!C!, does that count?! I’m still doing it though! I’ve been writing down ideas this afternoon.

I think for what I’ll lack in “good” tomorrow, I’ll try and make up for with “irritating”, “embarrassing”, “humiliating” and “ridiculous”. That’s what I learned to do in art school, and it’s served me well over the years! I won’t let you down.

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