Tim McCready’s Christmas Special 2012!

I think my solo Christmas Holidays performance on Sunday went pretty well!

I break character and let out a few laughs just after 10:40, but I pull it back together pretty quickly. But then the space on my card ran out about a minute later. I only sang for another 2 or 3 minutes and then was finished. I think it went well for an improvised acappella all Christmas Carols solo set opening for a 5-member-hip-hop act and a garage rock trio!

V is for *.

I had a special assistant join me for Jingle Bells!

You can see the gears turning inside this guys head; trying to figure out how much humiliation it’s going to take to get me to stop. More than you can deliver my angry ginger friend!

I look up the stairs at the first floor balcony, to see whether or not I have an audience. The balcony is filled with women, and I can see they’re eating it up!

So duh, of course I’m going to continue. “Over us allll to reiggnnnn! Woooahh-ohhhHHHHHH….”

This guy loved it! It was all for this guy! And Joel! And the balcony full of women!

Today is December 19th 2012. Here’s a video of my Christmas Holidays performance from Dec 19th 2009.


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