Wish You Were Here

This poster’s theme/layout was Raymi’s suggestion.

It’s almost NYE! I’m nervous and excited! I’ve decided to open doors of 159 Manning at 9pm, so I can play a solo piano set at 9:15. It won’t be funny, and it’s not exactly party music, so I figured I should do it early on. I will warn you; sometimes I get emotional when I play, so please don’t be too weirded-out if I start weeping a little bit during my performance. My dad will be joining me for a duet of Amazing Grace.

There’s a lot of other great parties happening that night. Many of them are being thrown by friends and acquaintances of mine, so I do not expect I’ll have 800 people show up like my NYE party 2 years ago. I would be really happy if 200 to 300 people show up that night though. That’s enough people to make it kind of crazy, but not so crazy that people can’t get in or move around once they’re in. I gotta keep the street clear this year.

There are no advance tickets. $10 @ the door ($15 after 1am). BYOB (I miiiiight have some extra booze on hand…).

Rad Habits are going to play in the basement at 11pm. Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs are playing at midnight! Fill Spectre will play upstairs at 1am. I was originally going to keep it to 2 bands, but Jay Share-it from Fill Spectre and I have thrown 3 parties together since the summer, and he put so much effort and enthusiasm into organizing those parties I felt like it was only right to ask them to play. And they’re a fun band too!

Rich Terfry AKA the Legendary Buck 65 will be DJing at some point in the living room, and there will be a late-late-late-late-Nite DJ set by Taiza after they’re finished at Margaret On Dundas. Is it weird that I’m posting the poster for another NYE party? Margaret is off in the Junction so I don’t think there’s much conflict of interest or draw between us. I must make it clear in case you just like to look at pictures, MY NYE party is here at 159 MANNING!!!. I’m still sorting out the other DJ’s for the night but I’ve got the turntables, ipod cables, mixer and speakers booked so I’m not too worried.

However you choose to ring in the new year, I wish you the best for 2013. If you come to 159 Manning that night, remember: BE NICE!

One Response to “Wish You Were Here”

  1. Raymi Lauren (@raymitheminx) Says:

    Cat addition is a good move

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