24-hour Countdown: Finesse and Details

Everything is pretty much ready. I could’ve thrown this party tonight if I’d had to. Now it’s all just finesse and details.

My dad just called, he can’t make the party anymore, so no “Amazing Grace” duet. He’s super bummed about it. Thought I should say something right away in case you were coming to the party just to see him sing. I will however still be singing some Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Replacements and Fleetwood Mac for you tomorrow, 9:15-ish.

I took this picture of Jay from Fill Spectre tonight #NOFILTER. They’re playing at 1am tomorrow night. Get ready.

One Response to “24-hour Countdown: Finesse and Details”

  1. gwen Says:

    Lookin forward to a chilled new year 🙂 seeya tmr Tim!

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