Pics From NYE!

I think this past Monday’s NYE party might’ve been the craziest party I’ve ever thrown at 159 Manning. It was the most “surreal” in the sense of me walking around basically sober (until 2am) and thinking to myself that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Looking back on it now, that one night feels like a month of socializings and happenings. The house is pretty much cleaned up, but there’s still a lot to digest.

My opening piano set at 9:45pm went great and was well received. I’m currently a better piano player and singer than I’ve been at any other point in my life, and I only plan to get better from here on in. Practice, practice, practice! It was great to be able to participate musically that night. Yeah, it was my party; but the other bands seemed to appreciate my set, and that’s important to me.

The basement stage went over soo well! Packed with so many babes freaking out over the bands! I thought one of the best things about the party was how I had Jay Share-it, Rich Terfry, Mikey Crichton and Taiza DJing in the living room throughout the night, with a speaker running up to the fog room upstairs without stopping when the bands would play downstairs. Upstairs, you couldn’t hear the bands playing in the basement, and in the basement you couldn’t hear the DJ’s upstairs while the bands played.

Rad Habits killed it. Obviously! At one point Mark Fosco’s guitar touched the furnace and sparks flew everywhere and one of his guitar strings exploded! That was crazy but at least the house didn’t burn down.

Tom thanked me later for letting Rad Habits be involved, and I was like “Hey, you guys are a huge part of what this night is! Thanks for playing!” and I meant it.

There were no twins performing or showing art or doing anything official for this party, so the McCready twins were the official twins of the night. We’re not related.

Rich Terfry DJed the living room for the midnight-countdown starting at 11:50pm!! Rich and I have spent Thanksgiving, Easter, and the past 2 Christmases together AND he’s performed an hour+ long Buck 65 set at my past 2 BBQ’s. We hang out and watch movies together every once in awhile, but usually don’t talk more than once or twice a month. Still, I guess all the special occasions make us pretty close, huh? We’re bros… Lone-Wolf Brotherhood of the Unique, Usual, Unusual, and Bizarre! We stand for quality! Various intensely magical, spectacular and frightening qualities!

I had Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs hit the stage in the basement right at the stroke of midnight! What a fucking line-up?!! Buck 65 DJing upstairs, Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs in the basement both right at the stroke of midnight!! Fuckin’ EH!!

I wish someone had taken a picture of Sam helping me fold my laundry at 9pm.

Mikey Crichton DJed from 1am to 3:30am, and he said no matter which way he went; Deep Reggae, Hip-Hop, Brit-pop, R&B, indie-rock, that the crowd in the living room/dining room were losing their shit dancing!! (photo by Kamilla Nicolaev)

Lauren O’Nizzle and Raymi the Minx did a great job bartending!

I thought it was a fun aspect of the party that 2 of the most well-known people there were the bartenders, and they’re not KNOWN for bartending! They’re known for LIVINGGG!!!!!!

Me and Raymz and my dashiki.

The fucking fog room was the besssttt!! The downside was it was a little too much for Lauren’s asthma, which I hadn’t anticipated, and the bar where she was stationed was right next door, but I think (hope) we found a happy medium throughout the night of having fog in the room sometimes and then taking a break for a bit!

All white room + black light + white fog + Galaxian Lazer??!?!!?? It was so confusing what was going on when the room was filled with fog.

Who needs drugs at a party like this when everything already looks so crazy?

Fill Spectre’s set was awesome! I wonder if they should change the name to Fill Spectrum? I feel like it’s too confusing to keep explaining to people that the band is FILL Spectre not PHIL Spectre

Taiza showed up at 3:30am with their records, jumped on the turntables and kept the party going until almost 6am! Unfortunately I’d already packed my camera away by the point, so I didn’t get any pics of them, but IT WAS CRAZY!

I started coming down with the cold the morning of January 2nd. I’m glad I stayed healthy for the party. What a crazy night. Thanks to everyone who came, who worked, played, promoted, participated in any way. Holy shit, if that night is any indication of how awesome 2013 is going to be, SIGN ME UP!!!

4 Responses to “Pics From NYE!”

  1. Raymi Lauren (@raymitheminx) Says:

    Great givin’er with ya.

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    […] brought a bottle with me to share at 159 Manning when I left to go bartend Tim McCready’s BE NICE party with Raymi — at a proper bar that didn’t have chicken wings on […]

  3. New Year’s Eve 2012: It’s my party and I’ll blog if I want to… « Says:

    […] brought some with me to share at 159 Manning when I left to go bartend Tim McCready’s BE NICE party with Raymi — at a proper bar that didn’t have chicken wings on […]

  4. 2012-13 in Review | Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] It’s time to play catch-up. I’ve been writing this blog on and off for the past 13 years and started writing a year-in-review 5 or 6 years ago. You can check out 2010′s year in pictures here, and 2011′s year in review here. I didn’t write a 2012 recap until now, but I can sum it up really quickly: January through June 2012 were working on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight Show 10 hours a day 5 days a week, Choir! Choir! Choir! on Tuesday nights, and doing sound at Parts & Labour 4 to 6 nights the rest of the week. I was go-go-going literally ALL the fucking time, capped off my annual 159 Manning BBQ a few days after my CBC contract ended. Below is playlist from the BBQ put together by Joe Strutt from Mechanical Forest Sound. From July onward, the next 6 months still involved Tuesday nights with C!C!C! on Tuesdays, and many evenings spent in the Shop beneath Parts & Labour, but my days were free and for the first time ever since I moved here in January 2005, I lived alone at 159 Manning. I chain-smoked joints all day everyday in an attempt to decompress and taught myself to play piano. The first song I learned was Chelsea Hotel No 2. I ended the year with my annual NYE party. […]

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