More NYE Pics

This was my NYE outfit! I’ve had this dashiki for 4 years, and at Monday nights party I finally had the opportunity to wear it! I feel allowed and entitled to dress like an asshole at my own NYE party, but I don’t know how I’d feel wearing this outfit anywhere else. Photo by Lauren O’Neil.

We stopped charging/counting around 2am, with the clicker at 278. The party went until almost 6am so I’d guess about 400 people came through the house that night?

Rad Habits.

Always Raymi… That should be the name of Raymi’s perfume and cosmetics and bathroom accessories product line. Like a blogging supermodel Martha Stewart. I could see it.

I needed more white light in that room. All the pictures in there are wayyy too red. I’m an IDIOT!

People’s was having a good time!! That’s what I like to see!

Rich and Franny getting ready for the countdown in the living room!

Robin and Josh. Happy New Year!!

The kitchen worked out well! People stuffed their jackets onto the empty shelves, and it didn’t get too congested with people going in and out of the backyard!

The backyard had people in it, but it was relatively quiet, and it didn’t turn into a mud-pit this year. Hooray!!

OMG, the fog room…

We were all takin’ a little breather from the chaos!

…and at that point I stopped shooting even though the party went for 4 more hours. I wish I’d shot more, but AH WELL, one can’t do everything. And I didn’t do everything. So many people like Jay Share-it, Robin Barret, Rich Schwietzer, Jessica Thompson, Craig Mailman, Nico and many others helped out with this party! Either way, hopefully everyone that came had fun. THE END.

3 Responses to “More NYE Pics”

  1. Ray McCready Says:

    Sure wish I could have been there. Oh well next time.
    By the way you are not an idiot- genius!

  2. Ray McCready Says:

    I also liked the Dashiki. Rather dashing old chap.

  3. Matzoh Ball Says:

    A great party. Enjoyed Jay’s DJ set and the first band. Wish I could have stayed longer. You were an outstanding host.

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