Little Girl In Bloom

Holidays are over. Time to get up at a reasonable time, answer emails promptly, and get lots of work done everyday! Hooray!!!

I’m enjoying this song, Thin Lizzy’s “Little Girl In Bloom” today. I downloaded the entire Thin Lizzy discography a couple of months ago and have been slowly working my way through it. I’ve been playing some of the full albums like “Fighting” and “Johnny The Fox” at parties and at Parts & Labour between bands since the big download. It’s interesting to see who gets excited about hearing them, and when they ask what other Thin Lizzy albums I have or know. When a person says they like Thin Lizzy, it means they like good quality rock music. It means they give a “flying fuck”, as opposed to being too-cool-too-care. Whatever, “too-cool-to-care” is usually just a side effect of opiates and pain killers: LAME. Or it could be mental illness or breakdown, or physical-illness, or some kind of life-trauma, like the break-up of marriage or partnership, loss of job, death of a loved one, abusive relationships, victim of crime or fire etc… which are all much more complicated long-term issues. Or some other life change like a promotion, having a child, buying a home, getting married…the list goes on and on! Any major change in life is a crisis, even if that change is something you want and have worked towards for a long time. It’s actually sort of ridiculous and clownish to care about music this much…but music is SUPPOSED to be entertaining and exaggerated and hyper-real isn’t it? At any rate, if you want your life to mean something, you’ve got to be prepared to suffer sometimes, rather than developing the ability to hurt and punish other people without feeling it. Let’s maintain the ability to feel things! That’s what I have to say about that, and you can quote me on it! It’s an official statement! Fuck me, right?

IMO, the best bands I’ve been in so far, were the 1-off side-projects like Children in Heat or Feral Cell or the 159 Manning Orchestra, but to be fair; the only reason I could play in those 1-off bands was from either listening to the songs 10,000,000,000,000 times and/or from playing in bands I jammed with on weekly basis at minimum. Choir!Choir!Choir! is great and a source of much joy, but it doesn’t really count as a “band”. I hope to keep participating in many more “1-off” projects and collaborations; those are my creative bread-and-butter, but I also hope it’s not too late for me to play in a really fucking good band, and to be part of an amazing album or few. A band that’s not just put together for 1 or 2 shows, a band where the other members aren’t selfish mean-spirited self-destructive self-sabotaging complete asshole losers. A band that actually cares about music, or “the music”, whatever the fuck that means. The absence of the negative aspects is just as important as the presence of the positive aspects. I don’t think it’s too late. I think it could still happen…

2 Responses to “Little Girl In Bloom”

  1. thomasevers Says:

    Are you really, really, really sure you don’t want to be in “a band where the other members aren’t selfish mean-spirited self-destructive self-sabotaging complete asshole losers”? I thought that was the only way great records got made.

  2. Christiana Eckert Says:

    Hey Tim, I have no idea to get ahold of you any other way but I wanted to know if you wanna get a drink some time. 647-707-3572

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