Not Good To Be Bad

Check out this old Wu-Tang flyer from the 90’s that Taraleigh showed me. It’s got 1-900 numbers that you could call to talk to individual members of the Wu-Tang Clan!! They were probably just pre-recorded messages, but I’d like to pretend that you could just call and talk to them. Don’t make any mistakes! Get the real, not fakes!

I’ve been re-watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone this week. Mostly Season 2. Sometimes I feel like a permanent resident there. I tried watching Breaking Bad a month ago (to impress a girl), but it was giving me too much anxiety by the time I got to the third episode.

Here’s the last song we did at the Fill Spectre practice today “Not Good To Be Bad”. The fog machine is essential, even at practice. Valerie Massie shot this on my 5D.

Click here to listen to a studio recording of “Not Good To Be Bad”.

This will be a good show. There are 7 bands playing, and there will be 7 girls (and 400 boys) in the audience that evening.

Pits will be moshed, arms will be windmilled, change will be picked up.

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