Contemplating Productivity

It’s that time of growth where my beard takes over and everyone I talk to says “Holy shit, your BEARD!” and it reminds me why I have to shave it off every once in awhile: I get tired of talking about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the admiration and attention, but I AM MORE THAN JUST A BEARD! I am MORE than a thrower of great house parties!

Sometimes I build things with power-tools (I used a biscuit joiner for the first time today), and sometimes I’m a crowbar-wielding demolition man! I’m also an aspiring ballerina and I’d like to read you a few of my favorite poems about my herb garden. I do suppose it all fits under the umbrella of being the Emperor-Wizard of 159 Manning. It’s the path, the life, the luxury, the struggle and the responsibility of being an Emperor-Wizard that I’ve chosen. Because of that, I have to spend a certain amount of time talking about the beard. I understand, and can accept that. What’s a Wizard without his beard?

Just kidding about the herb garden BTW. I’ve never grown anything in my life! Speaking of da herb, I can’t get enough of this album. Last month Ewan Exall told me he might be bringing Sleep to Toronto for the first time ever this May. If that happens, I would like to attend that show!

Topic to contemplate: the long-term and short-term merits and pitfalls of speed vs weed vs sobriety in relation to ideas, creativity and productivity. A topic for ME to contemplate…

One Response to “Contemplating Productivity”

  1. chantal Says:

    ahah, that last paragraph paired with the last photo is making me laugh. it’s the weed. how fitting

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