the Hermetic Order of 159 Manning

It’s only 6:30am, but I can’t sleep anymore so it’s time to start my day. I kinda wish I had a rant I could launch into, something I’ve been waiting to get off my chest for awhile now, buuut nope. I’ve already let it all out, the good and the bad, and let me tell you; that’s a great feeling!

I’ve been slowly getting my recording studio in the basement of 159 Manning up and running again. No, I don’t want to record your shitty band. It’s a private studio. Don’t ask me, I’ll ask you. I’m considering adding “Hermit” to my title, so that I’d now be the Emperor-Wizard-Hermit-Pope of 159 Manning Temple Lodge of the Unholy Crimson Ghost.

I arranged with Pete Carmichael to have his band the Whirly Birds come in last Thursday for a practice so I could line-check everything, test the EQ’s and levels, etc. Really nice pleasant guys, and they’re a really good band too! What a rare combo.

Jay Share-it AKA Jay Spectre came in to assist that day. We’ve been having 2 or 3 Fill Spectre practices per week for the past few weeks and it’s been going great! The practices have been fun and productive, as opposed to being infuriating and unproductive. NICE! We’ll be playing our first show as a 4-piece at Parts & Labour on Sunday February 17th.

I’ve been hiring Natasha to come in for a few hours on Mondays the past 3 weeks. So far she’s organized my magazine archives, my CD collection, and untangled a giant mess of audio cables and power supplies that would’ve cost me every last shred of my sanity to do myself. Worth every dollar.

I’ve been using the empty upstairs bedroom as a workshop.

Robbie Lackritz hired me to build a custom desk for his studio, and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

The gear it was designed for fits perfectly. Whew!

I finally got my office re-organized this week. It’s been too cluttered for me to use the past couple of months, so it’s nice to have my desk cleared again.

This is my view into the backyard. Very calming.

We sang Human League – Don’t You Want Me, and Soft Cell – Tainted Love at Choir!Choir!Choir! last night.

I believe next week will be C!C!C!’s 2 year anniversary! It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever been involved with.

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