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Teen Wolf vs Lasagna Cat

February 28, 2013

I discovered a site called Lasagna Cat today, which features live-action remakes of classic Garfield comic-strips! I feel like mayyybe I saw this site a few years ago and then forgot about it, but I saw it again today and wished I’d thought of doing it first (and I also wished I’d gone ahead and executed it first).

I used to love Garfield when I was a kid. When I was 5-years-old, I told myself when I grew up and turned 20-years-old, I was going to change my name to Garfield because I thought he and I had so much in common. Then I turned 6, and realized how unfunny the strip was and that changing my name to Garfield was a stupid idea because I didn’t REALLY hate Mondays or love lasagna as much as I thought I did when I was 5. When I was 7-years-old I watched a new documentary called Teen Wolf and realized that I wanted to be a werewolf when I grew up, and that was that.

My beard is getting long. The last time I shaved my face was Halloween, so we’re now at 4 months growth. If you ever wanted a good look at my beard, now is your chance. Just look at it. I kinda like it when girls stroke my beard.

Maako is wayyy funnier than Garfield.

BTW, I’ll be singing and playing piano in the Conversation Room ALL NIGHT LONG at this season’s final Long Winter! Instead of having an ipod or DJ fill time between bands performing in the Conversation Room, they’ll have MEEEE. I’m just background filler music, and it IS called “the Conversation Room”, but I feel like this arrangement will take some of the pressure off that I’d feel if I were trying to hold the audiences attention for any set amount of time. I get to just jam away and play whatever the fuck I want aaawwwwlll night loooooonnnnnnngggggg. There will be a little bit of scotch involved, but not too much.

I’m an “Art, etc” not a “Music”. That’s why I get away with so much. The things I do and say and write are “art”, not “real life”. Look below! I went to school for Audio Engineering and Multimedia Production, and then I got my degree in Visual Arts and Communication Studies.

I went to school for art and production, not music and business, though I’ve read an awful lot of books over the years about music, and business, and the music business. At any rate, I feel VERY honored and excited to be included in the night! I’m not “the greatest” piano player ever, what I do is pretty basic, but I’m proud enough of my playing to say I don’t suck and I’m excited to have a crack at playing for such a large and varied audience that night! I’ve got about 30 songs in my current repertoire, but I’m hoping to have 50 songs ready for March 23rd. My act that night will be something like my NYE performance:

Yeahhhh NYE pics!!

Keep in mind I sound better in person, and I’ll be more polished by March 23rd! Check out this video of me playing Hybrid Moments by the Misfits that I recorded on Halloween.

See how much better I got between then and NYE??! I only started playing everyday back in August! Chelsea Hotel No.2 was the first song I learned during that time.

The verrrry first song I hacked through on piano back in January 2012 was Wait A Minute by the Wipers.

At that time I couldn’t play any other full songs on piano and only practiced a couple of times a month. I didn’t make any progression in my playing until 9 months later, in late-August this past summer. I think I’ve come a LONG WAY in my playing in just a year, and now I get to play Long Winter!

Last video for this post: me playing Flipper – Way Of The World!!

Banned In T.O.

February 25, 2013

I call this my “Groundskeeper Willie meets the Incredible Hulk” look. I think green on yellow suits me.

I’ll bet this is what it’s like to be the Incredible Hulk;

Somehow I always end up with this look (the EYES), pose and color scheme. I wonder what it all means?

Not Even Once; 1985, 1997, 2013, 2003 from left to right descending…

It looks like I’m giving Jodi cut-eye in the last picture but I swear I’m not. I call that my “Clinical Depression” look. It’s my GO-TO look and it’s a VERY trendy facial expression on the street this month! It’s great, because it’s VERY versatile and can be mistaken for disdain, dismissal, hatred and many other anti-social moods and traits!! When used in public, people think you’re hating THEM; but the whole while you’re hating yourself, and everything you’ve been, felt, gone through and loved! Ah well, it keeps them at bay. THANK God. Good thing these nasty feelings can be masked! My question is; where’s the “medium” middle-of-the-road button?! Yes, I’ve been consistently inconsistent yet, RELIABLE! I may be a crazy motherfucker, but when did I ever fail to deliver? When I didn’t deliver, did I ever deny it? Did I not specifically try to make up for it?! I thought you liked crazy motherfuckers?!!

In case you were ever confused, this is what you’re supposed to do when you listen to Bad Brains:

You don’t have to hate everything or think about it to jump around and blow off some steam. For those who don’t already know, the Banned In T.O. t-shirt design is a tribute to the cover art for Bad Brains – Banned In D.C. which you can listen to on youtube.. …but also makes me think of 2 Live Crew’s Banned In the USA.

And then LOOK, they’re wearing yellow shirts in the video!

Luke from 2 Live Crew had a pay-per-view cable tv show in the 90’s, and I have a Best-Of collection of VHS called “the Best of Luke’s Peep Show Vol 1” and it is possibly the craziest vhs or dvd I own. He does interviews with Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Lil Kim, Suge Knight and I feel like Luke gets so much respect from those guys, and yet there’s all this craziness with strippers and partying going on around them, the debauchery rivals Caligula, and Luke acts like it’s all no big deal!! I found a censored version of the Notorious BIG interview, but the Jay-Z interview is the one that really takes the cake.

You Tell Me.

February 23, 2013

You tell me…

Why is this my favorite Toronto band ever? This show was a 10/10 for me as an audience member that night. All the conviction and fun I’d heard in the tape was there that night! Most of my favorite albums I’ll never experience live, but that was one that I did.

Soo let’s name 22 albums I really like as a fan:

Youth Youth Youth – Repackaged
Minor Threat – Complete Discography
Misfits – Legacy of Brutality
the Wipers – Is This Real?
Wu-Tang Clan – Forever
Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
Crosby Stills Nash and Young – Deja Vu
Joy Divison – Substance
New Order – Substance
the Smiths – Louder Than Bombs
Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know It’s True
Ghostface Killa and Trife da God – Put It On the Line
J Dilla – Donuts
Sonic Youth – Sister
Geto Boys – We Can’t Be Stopped
Millie Jackson – Caught Up
Warn Defevre – And Flowers Covered the Earth
CHROMATICS – Kill For Love
Steve Reich – Music For 18 Musicians
Dr Dre – the Chronic
Leonard Cohen – Songs From A Room

Taken By Surprise

February 22, 2013

I don’t have anything new to post today, so check out this thin-sounding acoustic cover of Poison Idea’s – Taken By Surprise I recorded on my iphone 4-track app a couple of years ago.

Now listen to the original. I don’t know how I feel about the photo on the album cover for Feel The Darkness, depicting a gun pointing at a guy named Tim’s head. Ba-DOOM-doom-doom…

Now watch this interview with Pig Champion talking about starting an independent record label followed by a live version of Taken By Surprise.

Now go back to whatever it was you were doing and forget about all this bullshit.

Open Letter From The Sound Man

February 21, 2013

Ohh mannn, I got that Richard Pryor/Slayer t-shirt in the mail yesterday and it looks siiiick! It’s everything I hoped it would be.

Q: When will I have enough t-shirts?

Q: Should I open a t-shirt store, or sell my old t-shirts online?
A: NOOOOO. That would take all the fun out of it for me! Part of the fun for me is having an archive.

Wavelength’s 13th Anniversary Extravaganza happened last weekend, and the first night was at Parts & Labour. I would write more, but Joe Strutt’s got it covered. I like Joe Strutt. Augmented by his tireless commitment to live “bootleg” recording, his blog Mechanical Forest Sound is arguably the best personal music blog in Toronto right now, MAYBE best personal music blog in Canada, and I’ve always found his reviews to be well-informed, accurate and relatively unbiased. I didn’t get any pictures of Joe that night so this is a picture of Adham and Doc Pickles.

In contrast, everything I write is biased in that it’s all about meeeee, even when I’m not writing about me. Whether you consider that a strength or a weakness of mine, is all about YOU. There’s no need to feel threatened by me being so into documenting my own thoughts, feelings, surroundings and past experiences on a blog that’s read by only a relatively small number of people. It isn’t meant to diminish or infringe upon who you are, or where you’ve come from or what you’re doing blah, blah, blah, blah… I’m still sorting myself out so, so Do What Thou Wilt, okay? I’m ok, you’re ok. …as long as you’re ok with yourself. THAT’s what’s really important. Be like these guys; they’re smiling. Shoulders relaxed.

I would’ve taken more pictures that night, but I didn’t want to compete with a whole wall of SLR’s! I love that there were so many people all committed to participating in the experience. That’s what made it such an experience.

From Mechanical Forest Sound:

The Venue: Parkdale’s Parts + Labour is about the furthest afield that many regular show-goers can be cajoled to get out to — and some avoid it for reasons beyond its location at the western fringes of coolness. The low-ceilinged basement space can set off feelings of claustrophobia, especially when it gets packed. It also has a rep for less-than-high-fidelity sound, and indeed, it’s at its best when playing host to rough-and-ready DIY’ers with a naturally scrappy sort of sound. Last fall’s renovations to the room (flipping the bar to the opposite long wall) have actually done a lot to improve the flow of the space, but you’ll never mistake being there with the feeling of, say, wandering through an open meadow. But sometimes you want to experience the opposite of wandering through an open meadow.

My homie Richard Trapunski also mentioned the venue’s “thin sound” in a very positive review of a recent show there he wrote for NOW Magazine, and though he wasn’t writing it as a diss, I think it’s worth mentioning that we’ve recently invested in a couple more mics for the drum-kit (an AKG D112 for the kick, and a Shure SM58 for the snare) and I’ve requested that we add a couple of overhead condenser mics for the drums and a couple of mics for guitar amps. We can’t do anything about the clausterphobia, and nobody is under the illusion that it’s ever going to sound like the Music Gallery down there, but we’re working on making what reasonable improvements such as the 5″ stage riser we installed last year, and the 2-channel compressor to boost vocals and second stage monitor which were purchased around the time the bar was moved to the other side of the room, and the recent installation of 2 LED Color Bars on the front of the stage to increase visibility. I think we’ve made a 200% improvement from where the live-sound capabilities of the venue were at a year-and-a-half ago. The Shop is what it is, but I feel that Mark Pesci keeps his booking standards pretty high/specific so we get a lot of great bands in there, and personally I love the place. It’s like a second home to me.

In my typical Tim McCready maverick style, I did not consult anyone else before writing this post so I can’t officially speak for or represent anyone else but myself, but I think it’s safe to say WE CARE.

You wanna know how much I care? Check out this 1-of-a-kind “Tim McCready Discography Sept ’92 to Feb ’98” cassette-tape boxed set I made in 1998. It now sits on top of one of my trinket shelves in my office.

This is the backside. That’s me 3rd from left, with the shaved head wearing 14-hole Doc Martins. I may not have much to show for it, but I been plugging away, eatin’ shit like a slug in this indie music/media/whatever game a long fuckin’ time, and have no intention of giving up ever, so don’t try to stop me. Work with me, not against me, okay? Please, help me.

This video was shot in my bedroom in my parents basement in Windsor on a Saturday afternoon, sometime during the Spring of 1996. Yes, that’s me in the middle with a shaved head and no shirt on. No, we weren’t that great of a band, but in typical Tim McCready style, I did the best I could to make the most of what I had available to me.

Music For Piano Part Two

February 20, 2013

Fill Spectre played our first show with a full band line-up this past Sunday at Part & Labour.

Our big show is going to be the Burger Records Party on Friday March 8th at the Silver Dollar, when we’re playing with the BB Guns, Cold Warps, + Sam Coffey and the Irons Lungs!

I’ve been listening to lots of Beethoven and Dubussy this week. Piano music.