In My Room: Pictures I Took With My Phone

This is what my bedroom looks like these days.

This is my Scottish heritage book collection.

And another couple stacks of books I have on hand.

I started pulling records to play at the Garrison Cantina this Saturday February 9th. No format, but going to try and play all vinyl.

Really, why the fuck do I have 2000 records if I’m not going to play them the 1 or 2 times per year I’m asked to DJ?

I’ll probably play Fredrick on Saturday.

This record is some demo recordings of songs that would’ve been the 4th Stooges album. I’ll probably play both Johanna AND Open Up and Bleed…

Shakey Dog.

Magazine. I wish I could write songs like this guy.

Not sure what I’ll play from Swans – Children of God, but it’s good to play a few heavy tracks throughout the night just to switch things up.

Not my favorite Blue Oyster Cult Record, but I like that the front and back covers look like they could’ve been shot in my living room, due to the books, grandfather clock, round table, smoke machine, lasers and cat.

…and I like that the album is called Spectres. Like FILL SPECTRE.

Bear claw slippers.

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