Love Will Tear Us Apart

I made 2 new recordings in my living room this morning. I hope you enjoy them:

Tim McCready sings Leonard Cohen – the Old Revolution 02/11/2013

Tim McCready sings Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart 02/11/2013

I played piano outside the house twice this weekend! On Friday night I went to my friend/neighbor Lisa Logan’s photography exhibit at R2 AKA R-Squared Cafe. It was pretty well received! Woo-hoo!

That’s Lisa on the left. I’m fairly certain her photos will be on display for a few more weeks? Go check them out! Her friend Yvonne Bambrick took the above photo of Lisa and the 2 photos of me below.

My little friend beside me is Rolf’s daughter Maia.

Once I brought my gear back home and dropped off the Zipcar I’d rented I took a cab to the Great Hall for Fucked Up’s Long Winter Vol 4. The main bands I was interested in seeing were Tasseomancy and the Sadies, but was also pretty psyched to see Fucked Up and Holy Fuck. I ran into Jonah Falco who was about to play some piano to backup Chris Colohan’s poetry reading.

It turns out that they’re adding a VOL 5 to the Long Winter Series next month! We were joking about this and that and I told him I had just come from playing some tunes at R2 and asked if I could play something at next months Long Winter. He suggested I play in between bands in the Conversation Room all night! We shook on it, but I don’t know if he was just being nice or joking, so I wouldn’t hold him to it, but figured I’d blog about it to demonstrate my enthusiasm for the idea! No hard feelings on my end if it’s not in the cards for me to play, but I REALLY WANT TO. Please, please, please, please, please I swear I’ll practice all month for it!

UPDATE: It’s confirmed!! I’m singing and playing piano in the Conversation Room between bands at Fucked Up’s Long Winter VOL 5 on Saturday March 23rd!! FUCK YESSSSSS!! Sometimes begging on the internet works!!

Anywayyss the following day AKA Saturday night I sang and played piano again, but this time in the front room of the Garrison and played records all night. I did not take any pictures, but the Garrison did tweet about it on Thursday and again on Saturday afternoon!!

The Garrison opened a kitchen a few months ago and I highly recommend their tacos! SO good!

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