Banned In T.O.

I call this my “Groundskeeper Willie meets the Incredible Hulk” look. I think green on yellow suits me.

I’ll bet this is what it’s like to be the Incredible Hulk;

Somehow I always end up with this look (the EYES), pose and color scheme. I wonder what it all means?

Not Even Once; 1985, 1997, 2013, 2003 from left to right descending…

It looks like I’m giving Jodi cut-eye in the last picture but I swear I’m not. I call that my “Clinical Depression” look. It’s my GO-TO look and it’s a VERY trendy facial expression on the street this month! It’s great, because it’s VERY versatile and can be mistaken for disdain, dismissal, hatred and many other anti-social moods and traits!! When used in public, people think you’re hating THEM; but the whole while you’re hating yourself, and everything you’ve been, felt, gone through and loved! Ah well, it keeps them at bay. THANK God. Good thing these nasty feelings can be masked! My question is; where’s the “medium” middle-of-the-road button?! Yes, I’ve been consistently inconsistent yet, RELIABLE! I may be a crazy motherfucker, but when did I ever fail to deliver? When I didn’t deliver, did I ever deny it? Did I not specifically try to make up for it?! I thought you liked crazy motherfuckers?!!

In case you were ever confused, this is what you’re supposed to do when you listen to Bad Brains:

You don’t have to hate everything or think about it to jump around and blow off some steam. For those who don’t already know, the Banned In T.O. t-shirt design is a tribute to the cover art for Bad Brains – Banned In D.C. which you can listen to on youtube.. …but also makes me think of 2 Live Crew’s Banned In the USA.

And then LOOK, they’re wearing yellow shirts in the video!

Luke from 2 Live Crew had a pay-per-view cable tv show in the 90’s, and I have a Best-Of collection of VHS called “the Best of Luke’s Peep Show Vol 1” and it is possibly the craziest vhs or dvd I own. He does interviews with Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Lil Kim, Suge Knight and I feel like Luke gets so much respect from those guys, and yet there’s all this craziness with strippers and partying going on around them, the debauchery rivals Caligula, and Luke acts like it’s all no big deal!! I found a censored version of the Notorious BIG interview, but the Jay-Z interview is the one that really takes the cake.

One Response to “Banned In T.O.”

  1. Ray McCready Says:

    Very cool. The yellow and green really is impressive.

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