Teen Wolf vs Lasagna Cat

I discovered a site called Lasagna Cat today, which features live-action remakes of classic Garfield comic-strips! I feel like mayyybe I saw this site a few years ago and then forgot about it, but I saw it again today and wished I’d thought of doing it first (and I also wished I’d gone ahead and executed it first).

I used to love Garfield when I was a kid. When I was 5-years-old, I told myself when I grew up and turned 20-years-old, I was going to change my name to Garfield because I thought he and I had so much in common. Then I turned 6, and realized how unfunny the strip was and that changing my name to Garfield was a stupid idea because I didn’t REALLY hate Mondays or love lasagna as much as I thought I did when I was 5. When I was 7-years-old I watched a new documentary called Teen Wolf and realized that I wanted to be a werewolf when I grew up, and that was that.

My beard is getting long. The last time I shaved my face was Halloween, so we’re now at 4 months growth. If you ever wanted a good look at my beard, now is your chance. Just look at it. I kinda like it when girls stroke my beard.

Maako is wayyy funnier than Garfield.

BTW, I’ll be singing and playing piano in the Conversation Room ALL NIGHT LONG at this season’s final Long Winter! Instead of having an ipod or DJ fill time between bands performing in the Conversation Room, they’ll have MEEEE. I’m just background filler music, and it IS called “the Conversation Room”, but I feel like this arrangement will take some of the pressure off that I’d feel if I were trying to hold the audiences attention for any set amount of time. I get to just jam away and play whatever the fuck I want aaawwwwlll night loooooonnnnnnngggggg. There will be a little bit of scotch involved, but not too much.

I’m an “Art, etc” not a “Music”. That’s why I get away with so much. The things I do and say and write are “art”, not “real life”. Look below! I went to school for Audio Engineering and Multimedia Production, and then I got my degree in Visual Arts and Communication Studies.

I went to school for art and production, not music and business, though I’ve read an awful lot of books over the years about music, and business, and the music business. At any rate, I feel VERY honored and excited to be included in the night! I’m not “the greatest” piano player ever, what I do is pretty basic, but I’m proud enough of my playing to say I don’t suck and I’m excited to have a crack at playing for such a large and varied audience that night! I’ve got about 30 songs in my current repertoire, but I’m hoping to have 50 songs ready for March 23rd. My act that night will be something like my NYE performance:

Yeahhhh NYE pics!!

Keep in mind I sound better in person, and I’ll be more polished by March 23rd! Check out this video of me playing Hybrid Moments by the Misfits that I recorded on Halloween.

See how much better I got between then and NYE??! I only started playing everyday back in August! Chelsea Hotel No.2 was the first song I learned during that time.

The verrrry first song I hacked through on piano back in January 2012 was Wait A Minute by the Wipers.

At that time I couldn’t play any other full songs on piano and only practiced a couple of times a month. I didn’t make any progression in my playing until 9 months later, in late-August this past summer. I think I’ve come a LONG WAY in my playing in just a year, and now I get to play Long Winter!

Last video for this post: me playing Flipper – Way Of The World!!

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