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Fashion Week + CMW + FULW v5 = Part 1

March 30, 2013

I improvised and recorded this Terry Riley/Steve Reich influenced tune a couple of days ago:

I still dream of putting together a performance of Steve Reich’s Music For 18 Musicians in my backyard someday, but whether or not that happens at the very least I should put together another performance or 2 of Terry Riley’s “In C”.

Last week, starting Monday March 18th, was a busy one! My afternoons on M,T,T and F were well spent working with THE COLLECTIONS on all 7 runway shows they were involved with for Toronto Fashion Week. My job was compiling pre-show video reels with content and logos they supplied with me, and I was there as an on-site liaison between COLLECTIONS staff and TFW tech staff.

My homies.

Once the shows were ready to start I didn’t have any work to do, so I brought my 5D Mark II and shot some photos. I don’t know enough about fashion to actually review or comment much on the shows I saw, but I did have a friend (who knows what the fuck he’s talking about) explain to me that if press is going to review or report on a show, they should show all pieces in the runway collection, in consecutive order, not show one outfit and review the show. There’s a reason why it’s called a “collection”. That makes sense to me, so I’ll accept that!

I cropped a few and re-sized all of the next 28 photos from the Chloe Comme Parris show, but other than that, no Photoshop. I’ve got 25 different outfits there total, all head-to-toe shots, in consecutive order. Did I get them all or were there more than 25?

Saturday afternoon I hosted an unofficial Canadian Music Week day party at 159 Manning with the help of Musi Artist Development and Last Frame Pictures. She Does the City wrote about it! Heartstrings.TV produced this video of the Darcy’s playing their song “Peg” in my library!

Live at 159 Manning – The Darcys – Peg from HeartstringsTV on Vimeo.

Saturday evening I played piano in the conversation room in between bands at Fucked Up’s Long Winter Vol 5 at the Great Hall. I was very happy and excited about being included in the night. These 2 b&w photos of me by Colin Medley. Check out his tumblr.

The highlight for me was definitely when Dana Wright got on top of the piano and danced while I played Unchained Melody, and Laura Hermiston joining me to sing the last 2 choruses.

Dana and I met 3 or 4 years ago and every time I’m around her SOMETHING happens! It usually involves music, photography and removal of clothing, but even if it doesn’t involve any of those things, it’s all about 1 thing: HAVING FUNNNN!!

There’s Something About Dana. I ❤ Dana because she's one of the hottest girls + her band is sooooo heavy + she has always projected good vibes towards me, every time we meet. That girl does what she wants to do, so don't bother trying to stop her! YOU GO GIRL!!



March 19, 2013


This Saturday afternoon I’ll be hosting a party at 159 Manning with Musi Artist Development and Last Frame Pictures. Doors are at 1:30pm, party’s over at 7:30pm. Rain or shine, this party is happening, and it’s going to be funnnnnnn!!!

Then I’m playing piano at the Great Hall for the Fucked Up Long Winter, so it really is actually over at 7:30pm 🙂 🙂 🙂 I recorded myself singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing yesterday at noon.

Whenever I get self-conscious about singing off key or sounding too sincere or being a half-assed piano player, I think of early Sebadoh albums and how shitty and unlistenable they were, but how much I loved Bubble & Scrape, and Bakesale, and that makes me love the early albums too. Sometimes you have to go through being really shitty before you can start being really good. I think putting it all out there makes me learn faster. What can I say? I like to learn things, and express things in different mediums based on what I learn. Of course I need to make $$$ from those things to continue doing more things, but slowly that’s happening and that’s good. Blah, blorg, blahrg, blah, blah, blah, blah….



Hybrid Moments

March 17, 2013

I’ve been singing this Misfits song to myself for 20 years now.

LITNO 5 Year Anniversary Pics

March 16, 2013

Here’s a bunch of pics I took at last months Loving In The Name Of 5-Year-Anniversary Party! From this photographers perspective, it’s more fun to take pictures at a party like this where everyone is dancing and having fun and not thinking, rather than taking pictures at a party full of other photographers.

I was a little worried I didn’t take enough pics that night; my typical anxiety about something or ANYTHING going wrong resulting in me being perceived as being untalented or doing a terrible job or not caring enough (hence, the personnal obsession with certain types of details), buuut then when I went through them today, it turned out I did take enough pictures and they look great. Whew! Next LITNO is April 19th!!!

Quin, Tim and Nico @ Soho House

March 13, 2013

Einstein’s 134th Birthday Bash

March 12, 2013

In honor of brainiac-weirdos from all-time everywhere, I’ll be playing some of my favorite songs on an electric piano, and spinning some of my favorite songs from my favorite records to celebrate Albert Einstein’s 134th Birthday!! @ the Garrison Cantina this Thursday March 14th!!!

I don’t want to invite all 2000 of my FB friends to the FB event. If you’re reading this and feel like doing something on Thursday night then COME OUT! Don’t be all “Tim didn’t ask me to go, so it’ll probably be weird if I show up”. I have no idea if anyone is coming but I would like to see 30 people out that night so PLEASE come, have some tacos, and get weird with me. Or at least get weird in the same room as me, but not TOO weird. It’s just an expression.

I want to be in a really good up-up-up mood on Thursday, so I went for a 5k run yesterday afternoon, and went for another 5k run an hour ago, and I’m going to keep running everyday for the rest of this week! I’m all out of weed, so I’m not going to smoke this week which should help. I find when I’m really busy working a tight schedule, then smoking a joint at night takes the edge off the effects of my dexedrine and adderall prescriptions and usually gives me great ideas, but when I’m working from home it doesn’t do me any good to smoke weed all afternoon. It just turns me into an unresponsive vacant zombie. Knowing what drugs/medications a person consumes can provide a whole lot of insight about that persons personality, or lack of personality. As a rule, I avoid painkillers and opiates, because that ain’t me. I stick to weed and speed. They suit me just fine.

I wish I could say the same for Rob Ford! Who knows what that guy is taking, and either way, who’s to say how it affects his performance? Look at Kwame, he’s all “Rob, we’re bro’s but GODDAMN! Stop embarrassing yourself!” Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick got convicted of a bunch of shit yesterday, and it gave me really great idea for a movie/cartoon starring Rob Ford and Kwame and Robocop. I wish I was a really fast animator and could throw something together quickly, because this joke isn’t going to be funny next week. Who’s better/worse? Rob Ford for being a fucking idiot who probably believes that he means well, or Kwame for being a straight up gangsta who’s got style? I say it’s a toss-up.

Just for fun, Google “Kwame Kilpatrick + Manoogian Mansion”.

I went to see Bruce McCulloch yesterday and it was amazingggg. ❤ No further comment. You had to be there.

You and me, we’re insider-outsiders together Brucio! Just like the rest of my true friends. When I try to tone myself down to fit in, that’s when I’m at my worst. When I just let go and act like the maniac I am, THAT’s when I fit in. That’s when I make people smile.

Henry Moore Gallery Posse Motherfuckaaaaa!!!!