StockTube Metal

Do you like this psychedelic self-portrait I made, re-imagining myself as a Siamese twin?* Or maybe it looks more like a cyclops with 2 noses and 2 mouths?** Or maybe it’s just a visual representation of my third eye and deep interest in psychonautics? At any rate, it’s a 5’10” X 5’10” oil painting. Just kidding. I made it on my phone after work today. I think it would look prettttty radddd as a 5’x5′ oil painting though…

Today was the first of a 3-day gig, doing a 2-camera shoot, video-taping interviews with CEO’s of mining companies from around the world for Proactive Investors, with the help of my assistant Natasha. It was fun! I’m into hanging out with CEO’s, especially ones who are into metal(s).

This is what Natasha would look like with a beard.

The videos I’m shooting are going to look something like this:


*Representing the duality of my nature? Or as-of-yet-undiagnosed bi-polar disorder? Or my still-born twin brother that my parents never told me about? Or my interest/attraction as a solo male to dating twin sisters?

**Representing limited understanding and/or tunnel-vision, balanced with an appetite to taste and consume a double helping of everything that comes across my path? Again, with the dual-nature.

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