159 Manning Reference Library

The sunlight we’ve been getting in Toronto for the past week is bringing me back to life!! I’ve been doing lots of cleaning, organizing and building things around the house. I fixed the curtains in the dining room by putting grommets in the top of them and sewing some long sheer curtains on the front side of the shorter canvas curtains.

On Tuesday afternoon I built 3 new shelves into the dining room, so now all 4 walls are filled with books! I still have a couple hundred trade paperbacks in my bedroom but other than that, all my books are now in one place. I’d estimate I’ve read only 40% of them all the way through, but read at least part of 90% of the books in my collection. It’s a reference library. NO LENDING!

When I was a kid I read the Bible a lot, and a lot of Marvel Comics. I consumed a lot of music and lifestyle magazines in early high-school but didn’t pursue reading books as a means of exploring new interests or new ideas that would pop into my head, until 1996 in the middle of Grade 12.

I began an aggressive reading campaign and started buying larger quantities of books towards the end of OAC in April 1997, which continues off-and-on to this day. I acquired my first email address tamccready@hotmail.com a few months later in Sept 1997.

Since I started this blog on Livejournal in March 2001, I’ve devoted a lot of time to semi-publicly exploring my thoughts, my relationships with other people, with music, the passage of time, synchronicity, work, etc… (could possibly be summed up as “what’s on my mind and/or in front of me and how it relates to my past, present and/or future thoughts and experiences”??) from various angles and perspectives in a variety of mediums. I can’t stress enough what a key role reading lots of books over the years has been in that process!! It’s alllllll about the process.

Its been 16 years of book collecting and I’m still into it!!

I plan to buy Douglas Rushkoff’s new book Present Shock later this week.

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