Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30

I’ve semi-confirmed most of the bands for this years 159 Manning BBQ which will take place on Friday June 14th, and will announce all the bands at the end of this month.

I love the looks on Chris and Julie’s faces in this next picture! Matt Cowley looks like he’s either confused or holding a fart in… and that’s okay! Sometimes I get confused when I’m holding in a fart too. Like, if I let this go will it be silent so I’ll be able to deny it?

You did not get an FB event invitation from me. I’m not ignoring you. Facebook has put a new restriction on events, where they won’t allow more than 300 pending invites, so I’ve put up the event but I’m not Facebook inviting anyone. Actually seriously. If you plan on attending and would like to stay in the loop as my planning progresses PLEASE JOIN THE EVENT!! You are welcome to attend, and you are welcome to FB invite your friends!!
I don’t have a poster for this years event yet, so here’s the poster for 2011’s BBQ:
YES, the age restriction on the invite is just a joke. Haw Haw. It’s provocative and gets the people going! When I threw the first BBQ in 2009, the party automatically seemed to draw a 27+ crowd, and since I started doing a full-on pig-roast and charging $30 for tickets the past 2 summers, it simultaneously bumped the average age of attendees up a few years, as well as bringing it down since a lot of people started bringing their young children. The title-theme for this years BBQ Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30 is an inverted play on Jack Weinberg’s famous quote from the 60’s, a recent Toronto photo show/zine, and a joking reference to the $30 ticket price. Jack Weinberg turned 73 a couple of weeks ago. I am 34 years old, and I do not miss my 20’s.

You can read Mechanical Forest Sound’s review of last years BBQ here:

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