Take Care Of Your Soul

Last night was the best time I’ve had in…I don’t know how to quantify something like that but trust me, I had a great night!! Fill Spectre played a set at Oz Studios as part of Tess Parks’ photo exhibition Take Care Of Your Soul. The photos will be up for another week. Stop by and check em out!
The evening started out with sets by Ian and Ami (of OSTRICH TUNING) playing an homage to Slovenian National Cinema.
They were followed by Twist featuring Laura Hermiston and Brian Borcherdt.

Fill Spectre closed the evening, and the bar was sold out of beer by the time we started playing! The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s want you to put your cell phone away at their shows, but I don’t mind. Here’s what Instagram had to say about our set:
The 4 of us were really cooking! The crowd was freaking out and dancing for the entire set, and everyone I talked to after the show said it was the best they’d ever seen us play! I could tell by the enthusiastic way they said it that they meant it. Maybe I was channeling something through my MRCH t-shirt. For me, EVERY PRACTICE COUNTS! I get a little better every single time we play together. I can only imagine how good we’d be if we practiced together for an hour everyday for a month.

I stole this from Reddit, I have no idea what the original source is.
Me too Alice…me too.

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