Greatest Hits

I recently dug up this photo shot by Ivy Lovell after someone asked me how I got the gig doing sound at P&L. In mid-July 2010, a month after they opened, I went to see my first show there. When I arrived one of the owners even lamented to me that someone had forgotten to book security for the night. At the end of one of the sets a guy ran up and started punching the guitar player in the Sphinx. Without thinking I jumped on the assailant and put him in a choke-hold! All I could think was “this guy is bigger than me and if he gets away I’m fucked”, so I squeezed as tight as I could with my left arm (I’m left handed) and fed him punches as hard and as fast as I could with my right. The guys face ended up breaking my little Canon Digital ELPH camera that was strapped to my right wrist, BUT he didn’t get away.
Greatest Hits 01
I came back a couple weeks later to do sound which was arranged through Moog Audio, and it turned out I already knew half the staff though Odd Fellows or VICE or from around the music scene, and those I hadn’t known before knew me as the guy who’d beaten the shit out of the attacker. I guess me and P&L were destined to be! Ironically, if the same person were jumped in front of me today I would cheer and clap for the attacker, probably even help him out, but I love the photo! Thanks for immortalizing one of the most bad-ass moments of my life Ivy!

Here’s to the good times, before the real shit-storm began; ending a certain era, and cleansing many toxic friendships from my life…

I wish for the blessings of good fortune, health, eternal happiness and respect towards those who are kind-hearted, hard-working and give a fuck; especially so to the few friends I have who love, care for, and are willing to try and understand me. I need all the love and positive vibes I can get. ❤ I wish peace towards those who are totally uninterested in me and the passions, ideas and goals I pursue in my life. I curse misfortune, sickness and devastation upon my enemies who would maliciously seek to do me harm; may they be cast down and utterly destroyed beyond recognition. Don’t less jealousy infect your heart.

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