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Catch Up If You Can

June 30, 2013

I had a lot of fun DJing with Laura Dal Fara at Parts & Labour last night. I’m spending this afternoon editing photos, mixing recordings from the past month at P&L, playing piano, and catching up on emails. Here’s a recording of Grey’s opening their set at Parts & Labour on May 18th with their song Pill. You can check out the original studio recording of the song here. BTW, there is a talk of my dad and I doing another show again soon with Greys as our backing band.

After 2 weeks, I’ve finally recovered from NXNE. After the 159 Manning BBQ on June 14th, Fill Spectre played at the Silver Dollar @ 3am that night.

There weren’t a lot of people there, but I could tell by the looks on their faces from the front of the stage that those were who there were into it.

Saturday morning I got up at 9am brought a PA system down to York and Queen’s Quay to do sound for 3rd year in a row at the 3rd Annual M for Montreal NXNE Bruise Cruise.

There’s been some talk of having M for Montreal involved in next years 159 Manning BBQ, which I’m open to since they’ve consistently curated great bands for the boat cruise and it’s always a pleasure to work with them. the following 2 photos by David Andrako

That night I DJed at a really fun private birthday party at an amazing house on Shaw. I went all out and brought turntables, 4x 1000w speakers, smoke machines and my Galaxian mini-laser, but went a little too wild near the beginning and set off all the smoke detectors in the house. Ooops!

Sunday I cleaned up around the house, returned some PA gear back to Moog Audio, and then did sound for Mustache Rides NXNE Showcase at Crawford. It was a “SHOW-TO-BE-AT”! Fill Spectre played, and we were unanimously listed as the “BAND-TO-SEE” by NOW Magazine’s Music Critics!

There was a punk show at P&L the next night, Tuesday I went to Choir!Choir!Choir! at No One Writes To The Colonel where we sang Pagliaro’s Lovin You Ain’t Easy. Word on the street is that Strombo is using Nobu’s recording from that night as the opening track on his CBC radio show tonight!
Wednesday I went to Shape Note Singing at Bloor Street United followed by doing sound for a DJ set by Sound Remedy at P&L. Thursday I did sound for Tyvek and Pins & Needles at P&L, Friday June 21st I went to Loving In the Name of at the Great Hall to take pictures of the crowd and shoot videos of the band. The End of The Road was definitely the show stopper that night! Lately I’ve enjoyed saying and writing that things are “magical”, and this performance qualified as magical. It’s hard to beat an ensemble cast.

I purchased a Rode Videomic earlier that day, hoping it would improve the sound but didn’t think to lower my 5D’s internal volume so the video still sounds a little blown out. I’ll have fixed and ready for next time!

So much technology at my fingertips, an infinite number of ideas; limited by the finite about of time, experience, expertise, $$$, brain space and sanity available to me…

159 Manning BBQ 2013 Follow Up

June 25, 2013

Here’s a few of the pictures from last weeks 159 Manning BBQ. Photos were either taken by me, or borrowed from Thomas Evers or Joe Strutt via facebook. Even with all the photos I’ve gathered I don’t have any of the food by Nick Chen-Yin, Alex Tran and Paul Keodprom, or any documentation of the Confessional Love Booth put together by Arianne Robinson and the cast of STOP KISS. I may edit those into this post later if I come across them.

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company provided us with some very reasonably priced refreshments.

Breeze played the first set of the day in the living room to a full house!

Joel French held down the backyard DJ booth during the opening hours of the BBQ.

Lost Babies played 2nd.

Joseph and the Mercurials



Fill Spectre in the basement cave stage.

Young Mother

DJ Giles Farnaby

Tai, 1/2 of TAIZA!


The Most Loyal

We had a Sacred Harp singing in the living room which had a very powerful effect on Mechanical Forest Sound’s Joe Strutt. I guess that means we did it right?

Here’s a recording I captured last month of the Shape Note singing group which meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Bloor Street United Church. All are welcome.


Rich did an hour-long Buck 65 set in the backyard for the 3rd year in a row, closing out the backyard stage for the evening! I could tell he was having fun up there, and the crowd was obviously feeling it, thus again proving that Buck 65 + 159 Manning is always a good combination.

After Buck 65, my father and I sang a few songs together in the living room. We were only planning to sing 2 or 3 songs, but then the living room and dining room filled up and people were singing along so we did a full set of 9 or 10 songs.

Thanks again to everyone who came, played, worked, cooked, sang etc on Friday! It was a magical afternoon and evening. I spend 2 weeks leading up to each of these parties (the BBQ and NYE) asking myself why I put myself through this and tell myself I’m never going to do it again…but then it happens and everyone’s reactions and appreciation, the performances, the amount of work other people lend towards to cause in the days leading up the BBQ, and then just being there in the moment in the middle of it; it reminds me. For every musical act that participated, I had at least 2 or 3 people come up to me and say some variation of “WOW, __________ were amazing!” Seriously, thank you to everyone who was a part of it, especially to my dad Ray McCready.

I was exhausted and moderately drunk by the end of the day, so was glad to have it over but so glad it happened. I guess that means I’ll have to do another one next year!

See you on NYE!

159 Manning BBQ 2013

June 13, 2013

My dad and Chico and I spent the afternoon fixing the stage and cleaning up the yard.

I started out with the BBQ theme “Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30” as a provocative title, and announced on the Facebook invite; “You must be 30 years or older to attend this party or under 12 and accompanied by a legal guardian”, because it’s funny, and actually sounds pretty awesome. I thought it would thin the herd, but that anyone younger that sort-of knows me and wants to come would still know they are welcome buuuuut as Jay Anderson pointed out to me the other day “But Tim, you WOULD do something like that”, aaaannnnd, he’s right! Ooops. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from people who’ve come every year that think they can’t come this time. Geeezus, I’m not THAT crazy/mean. This whole thing is supposed to be fun!

I put my dad on the poster with me, because he’s been such a huge help at the previous 2 BBQ’s, I don’t even know what I would’ve done without him there. And because we had a really great bonding experience recently. Besides the Sadies, who the fuck puts their dad on an album cover or concert poster? ME.

Now that the party is 1 day away and I look at the line-up I think the real theme this year is “Good People In My Life Who Play Good Music That I Like and Respect”. I could shorten it to a play on the Cramps’ Bad Music For Bad People and say Good Music For Good People, but that sounds too squeaky clean to me. I don’t have a record label or magazine or TV show to promote, and I’m not really known for any of the music I’ve made myself… I do a lot of different things all the time, and the BBQ is one manifestation of what’s happening in my life and/or going through my mind, to help celebrate the passage of time. It IS the product, not promoting some larger entity. That’s why it’s not free. I’m just a guy who really likes music, and knows how to throw a party. This BBQ is one of the best things I do, so if it “sucks” or whatever then I guess I suck. Oh well. La la la…

Featuring live performances on 3 STAGES!!

Doors at noon.

DJ’s Joel French, DJ OMGBLOG.COM, TAIZA!, Jay Share-it and Giles Farnaby will be playing in the backyard throughout the day.

1pm living room- Tim McCready w/ Ray McCready
2pm living room – Breeze
3pm basement – Lost Babies
3:45pm backyard – Joseph and the Mercurials
5pm basement – Fill Spectre
5:30pm backyard – Biblical
6:15 pm backyard – Choir! Choir! Choir!
6:45pm living room – Young Mother
7:15pm backyard – the Most Loyal
8pm living room – Sacred Harp Singers
8:30pm basement – Greys
9pm backyard – Buck 65

BBQ ends at 11pm SHARP!!!

North Carolina style Pulled Pork and more by Nick Chen-Yin, Paul Keodprom and Alex Tran.

Confessional Love Booth w/ the cast of STOP KISS

LIMITED CAPACITY. Advance tickets available at Rotate This! and Soundscapes. There will be 200 general admission tickets available for $30! Includes food! Tickets available at the door.


Dear Diary @ Sneaky Dees Friday July 5th 2013

June 6, 2013

Friday July 5th, the same day Warped Tour passes through Toronto, we’ll pay our respects to classic emo, post-punk, and pop-punk past with Dear Diary playing 2 sets at Sneaky Dee’s. It’s sort of a spin-off from the Met You On Livejournal nights I threw with Angela Holmes and Antonella Lombardi. The main difference between MYOLJ vs July 5th is that the band Dear Diary are the main attraction and the stars of the show this night. If MYOLJ were the Cosby Show, Dear Diary would be A Different World. That’s not to say Angela and Antonella and I won’t ever do another MYOLJ, but this specific night is about Dear Diary.

The video above sounds like shit because I was only using my cameras internal mic, but trust me; Dear Diary definitely do the old songs justice when you see them in person. When Tye first approached me about having Dear Diary play an all-covers set at MYOLJ a couple of years ago, I was all “okay, but make sure you guys are awesome and nail all the songs”, and they did! So much for my mediocre expectations.

I’ll be DJing before, between and after their sets. The only 2 years I attended Warped Tour were 1997 and 1998, and I never gave a fuck about emo after 2003; it was a time and a place for me but Dear Diary do a bang-up job of bringing me back there. I still love me some Sunny Day Real Estate, Appleseed Cast, the Jealous Sound, and Guns ‘n’ Wankers, so you know what to expect; nothing before 1993 and nothing after 2003…except maybe a song or 2 from the newest Further Seems Forever album, Penny Black.

Make sure you bring your sing-a-long voice with you that night.

Early Graves – Goner

June 5, 2013

I’ve been mixing a lot of recordings from P&L the past few weeks, and 2/3 of the bands are pretty heavy. Early Graves‘ 2010 album, Goner came on my iTunes playlist tonight, and I thought yeahh this is a good way for heavy music to sound. Brutal vocals without being overly distorted, treblely scratchy and noisy but gated guitar without any glam, crunchy sub-booming bass, crisp cymbals and heavy, snapping drums.

Goner, and Early Graves’ newest album Red Horse were both recorded and produced at Louder Studios in San Francisco by Tim Green.

Poster and Ticket Update

June 3, 2013

I started putting together the poster for the next Friday June 14th’s BBQ this past Saturday, and should be done by tomorrow afternoon.

I started out doing a B&W version, but I’ve decided to design both color and b&w versions.
The tickets will be done by Wednesday afternoon, so I expect they’ll be available for purchase at Soundscapes and Rotate This! by Friday afternoon.

PS. The age restriction is just a joke. Whoever wants to come to the BBQ and is willing to pitch in and buy a ticket is welcome, as long as they’re prepared for the fact there’s going to be lots of people in their 30’s and 40’s and older and in some cases with their young children, so please don’t come with the intent to get wasted or fucked up. Just chill. The afternoon will be wild enough without drugs, and with only a moderate amount of alcohol. NYE is about getting retarded, the BBQ is about relaxing, getting along and having fun.