Dear Diary @ Sneaky Dees Friday July 5th 2013

Friday July 5th, the same day Warped Tour passes through Toronto, we’ll pay our respects to classic emo, post-punk, and pop-punk past with Dear Diary playing 2 sets at Sneaky Dee’s. It’s sort of a spin-off from the Met You On Livejournal nights I threw with Angela Holmes and Antonella Lombardi. The main difference between MYOLJ vs July 5th is that the band Dear Diary are the main attraction and the stars of the show this night. If MYOLJ were the Cosby Show, Dear Diary would be A Different World. That’s not to say Angela and Antonella and I won’t ever do another MYOLJ, but this specific night is about Dear Diary.

The video above sounds like shit because I was only using my cameras internal mic, but trust me; Dear Diary definitely do the old songs justice when you see them in person. When Tye first approached me about having Dear Diary play an all-covers set at MYOLJ a couple of years ago, I was all “okay, but make sure you guys are awesome and nail all the songs”, and they did! So much for my mediocre expectations.

I’ll be DJing before, between and after their sets. The only 2 years I attended Warped Tour were 1997 and 1998, and I never gave a fuck about emo after 2003; it was a time and a place for me but Dear Diary do a bang-up job of bringing me back there. I still love me some Sunny Day Real Estate, Appleseed Cast, the Jealous Sound, and Guns ‘n’ Wankers, so you know what to expect; nothing before 1993 and nothing after 2003…except maybe a song or 2 from the newest Further Seems Forever album, Penny Black.

Make sure you bring your sing-a-long voice with you that night.

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