159 Manning BBQ 2013

My dad and Chico and I spent the afternoon fixing the stage and cleaning up the yard.

I started out with the BBQ theme “Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30” as a provocative title, and announced on the Facebook invite; “You must be 30 years or older to attend this party or under 12 and accompanied by a legal guardian”, because it’s funny, and actually sounds pretty awesome. I thought it would thin the herd, but that anyone younger that sort-of knows me and wants to come would still know they are welcome buuuuut as Jay Anderson pointed out to me the other day “But Tim, you WOULD do something like that”, aaaannnnd, he’s right! Ooops. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from people who’ve come every year that think they can’t come this time. Geeezus, I’m not THAT crazy/mean. This whole thing is supposed to be fun!

I put my dad on the poster with me, because he’s been such a huge help at the previous 2 BBQ’s, I don’t even know what I would’ve done without him there. And because we had a really great bonding experience recently. Besides the Sadies, who the fuck puts their dad on an album cover or concert poster? ME.

Now that the party is 1 day away and I look at the line-up I think the real theme this year is “Good People In My Life Who Play Good Music That I Like and Respect”. I could shorten it to a play on the Cramps’ Bad Music For Bad People and say Good Music For Good People, but that sounds too squeaky clean to me. I don’t have a record label or magazine or TV show to promote, and I’m not really known for any of the music I’ve made myself… I do a lot of different things all the time, and the BBQ is one manifestation of what’s happening in my life and/or going through my mind, to help celebrate the passage of time. It IS the product, not promoting some larger entity. That’s why it’s not free. I’m just a guy who really likes music, and knows how to throw a party. This BBQ is one of the best things I do, so if it “sucks” or whatever then I guess I suck. Oh well. La la la…

Featuring live performances on 3 STAGES!!

Doors at noon.

DJ’s Joel French, DJ OMGBLOG.COM, TAIZA!, Jay Share-it and Giles Farnaby will be playing in the backyard throughout the day.

1pm living room- Tim McCready w/ Ray McCready
2pm living room – Breeze
3pm basement – Lost Babies
3:45pm backyard – Joseph and the Mercurials
5pm basement – Fill Spectre
5:30pm backyard – Biblical
6:15 pm backyard – Choir! Choir! Choir!
6:45pm living room – Young Mother
7:15pm backyard – the Most Loyal
8pm living room – Sacred Harp Singers
8:30pm basement – Greys
9pm backyard – Buck 65

BBQ ends at 11pm SHARP!!!

North Carolina style Pulled Pork and more by Nick Chen-Yin, Paul Keodprom and Alex Tran.

Confessional Love Booth w/ the cast of STOP KISS

LIMITED CAPACITY. Advance tickets available at Rotate This! and Soundscapes. There will be 200 general admission tickets available for $30! Includes food! Tickets available at the door.


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