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The It’s Hot Outside I’m Just Glad It’s Not Cold Or Raining Anymore EP

July 17, 2013

I’ve posted a few (possibly described as “several”) new recordings on Soundcloud in this past week. I got up early this morning and re-recorded my own version of Samhain – Archangel. I don’t know if I’d ever want to meet the guy in person (who am I kidding? yes I do), but I will always have a songwriters crush on Glenn Danzig. No one else can sing and write about the occult and profane as beautifully as Glenn. ❤

I also re-recorded the Old Revolution by Leonard Cohen today. I think not chain smoking joints for the past 3 weeks, combined with the humidity is helping my voice (and my brain).

Tim McCready sings Crosby Stills Nash & Young – Almost Cut My Hair. There’s a couple of piano solo flubs that I kept in because that’s the best I can do presently, and I’m as interested in displaying the process as much as the “final product”. What is the final product anyways? Life keeps moving and changing people! Besides, I feel like letting my freak flag fly. I feel like I owe it to someone.

Tim McCready sings The Band – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Tim McCready sings The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Tim McCready – Do You Remember? I wrote/recorded/posted this song just over 2 years ago and it’s still by far the best original song I’ve ever done. Now that I’m feeling positive in my life again, hopefully I’ll feel inspired to write and record some more positive tunes in the coming weeks and months. I hate being on a bum trip, but I think it’s important to be honest about the way I’m feeling, because I’ve found there’s usually a reason behind the way I’m feeling even if I’m not quite sure why at the time. It’s not good to ignore these things, gotta take care of business!


Punks In the Beerlight

July 15, 2013

I played this song 50 times today to get it ALMOST right.

If anyone wants to send my cover to David Berman, I won’t be pissed off at you for doing that.

“Best” Of My Solo Performances

July 14, 2013

I’m putting together a media kit to book some solo performances. Not solo piano/vocal; whatever my level of expertise I may be at right now, my piano stuff is intended to be good/serious without any irony intended. I’m referring to my obnoxious (possibly irritating) solo performances that would embarrass mere mortals who possess an average amount of shame. Here’s my “best” 3 so far:

1. My ventriloquism act with Barry Pickles:

2. Singing A cappella R.Kelly covers

3. A cappella Christmas Carols.

I’m willing to do this any time of year, but consider booking me for your office Christmas party. Christmas is only 6 months away!!

Emos Not Dead

July 5, 2013

THIS IS TONIGHT! FRIDAY NIGHT! Doors are at 9pm!! Me, Angela Holmes, and maybe Antonella are all playing emo, pop-punk and post-punk tunes on our laptops when the band isn’t on stage.

Dear Diary will be playing 2 full live sets of classic emo and pop-punk singalongs! Here’s the set-lists:

SET ONE – 10:45pm
SAVES THE DAY – Shoulder To The Wheel
NEW FOUND GLORY – Better Off Dead
SEAWEED – Kid Candy
LIFETIME – Boy’s No Good
SAVES THE DAY – At Your Funeral (acoustic)
BRAND NEW -sic transit Gloria
TEXAS IS THE REASON – If It’s There When We Get Back, It’s Ours

SET TWO – 12:20pm
GET UP KIDS – Ten Minutes
COHEED AND CAMBRIA – A Favor House Atlantic
DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL – Screaming Infidelities (Acoustic)
ELLIOT – Every Train That Passes
TEXAS IS THE REASON – Do You Know Who You Are

Bittersweet Symphony

July 4, 2013

This is the last picture I got to take of Chris Levoir. It was at the end of Loving In The Name Of on April 19th at the Great Hall.

NOT a great photo, but my camera battery died shortly after. I talked to Chris in the greenroom about a half hour later and he asked how the picture had turned out. I told him it looked shitty, and he wanted me to take another one but I told him my camera batteries were dead. I promised I wouldn’t use the photo and I’d get a better one of him next time. Well I broke both promises because I’ve used the picture now and I didn’t get a chance for a next time. Next time would’ve been at the most recent LITNO on June 21st, and it felt remarkably weird not having Chris there with us that evening. At the end of the night Jeremy Finklestein dedicated all their sets for the past 5 years to him.

Tonight, Chris’s band the Mark Inside will release their new record which was finished not long before Chris’ passing, and a number of his friends will perform covers songs in his honor.

Considering all this, I dug up this video I shot back in January of Chris singing Bittersweet Symphony with the Best. In the 3 years he did sound at LITNO, I believe this is the one and only time he sang with them on stage. I think he did a great job, and I think it’s appropriate for the theme of tonight’s show.

Rest In Peace Chris, you are and will continue to be missed.

Trancendental Style vs. Total Depravity

July 2, 2013

Today I finished some mixes of recordings from Parts & Labour that have been piling up. Here’s the first 2 songs from the Victim Party’s set last Monday, June 24th. The songs are called “Rob Ford and Other Assholes” and “Hard Drugs”.

I also recorded myself playing Unchained Melody on piano this afternoon.

I started reading Trancendental Style In Film by Paul Schrader this weekend.

I’ve been a big fan of the movie Taxi Driver (which Schrader wrote the script for) since highschool, but only became aware of his body of work a few months ago. I’ve been slowly catching up on his films ever since. Once I’d read his Wikipedia entry I understood why I relate to certain aspects of Travis Bickle so much; because Travis Bickle came from the mind of Paul Schrader:

“Schrader was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the son of Joan (née Fisher) and Charles A. Schrader, an executive. Schrader’s family practiced in the Calvinist Christian Reformed Church, and his early life was based upon the religion’s strict principles and parental education. He did not see a film until he was seventeen years old, and was able to sneak away from home. In an interview he stated that The Absent-Minded Professor was the first film he saw. In his own words, he was “very unimpressed” by it, while Wild in the Country, which he saw some time later, had quite some effect on him. Schrader refers his intellectual rather than emotional approach towards movies and movie making to his having no adolescent movie memories. Schrader received his BA from Calvin College, with a minor in Theology. He then earned an MA in Film Studies from the UCLA Film School graduate program.

I can relate to a lot of that, because I didn’t step foot in a movie theatre or go to a school dance until I was 16 years old, when I was able to sneak out of the house and lie about where I was going (though somehow I was allowed to attend and play punk shows at the Acapulco Delight when I was 15? WTF, that’s almost 20 years ago!). I’m fairly certain that growing up in a strict Calvinist-leaning religious home heavily contributed to my obsessions with music, media theory, entertainment and whatever other eccentricities I display in my adult life; one might even describe how I feel about music to be similar to religious devotion. To be fair, aside from the religious stuff I’m nearly 100% Scottish blood on both sides of the family, and it’s not uncommon for Scots to be artistically or intellectually gifted and simultaneously cursed with insanity / incredibly strong emotions. But hey, I come by it all honestly, and however it is that I got here, I’m here now…and I’m okay with that.

George C. Scott does a fine job of explaining Calvinism in Schrader’s 1979 movie Hardcore: