Bittersweet Symphony

This is the last picture I got to take of Chris Levoir. It was at the end of Loving In The Name Of on April 19th at the Great Hall.

NOT a great photo, but my camera battery died shortly after. I talked to Chris in the greenroom about a half hour later and he asked how the picture had turned out. I told him it looked shitty, and he wanted me to take another one but I told him my camera batteries were dead. I promised I wouldn’t use the photo and I’d get a better one of him next time. Well I broke both promises because I’ve used the picture now and I didn’t get a chance for a next time. Next time would’ve been at the most recent LITNO on June 21st, and it felt remarkably weird not having Chris there with us that evening. At the end of the night Jeremy Finklestein dedicated all their sets for the past 5 years to him.

Tonight, Chris’s band the Mark Inside will release their new record which was finished not long before Chris’ passing, and a number of his friends will perform covers songs in his honor.

Considering all this, I dug up this video I shot back in January of Chris singing Bittersweet Symphony with the Best. In the 3 years he did sound at LITNO, I believe this is the one and only time he sang with them on stage. I think he did a great job, and I think it’s appropriate for the theme of tonight’s show.

Rest In Peace Chris, you are and will continue to be missed.

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